Holiday Manners

Did you know there are only 54 days left until Christmas? That’s only eight weekends! Not only that….there are 27 days left until Thanksgiving, which is basically the official beginning of the “Holiday Season.” With the beginning of the holiday season comes church parties, work parties, family get-togethers, and more. I’m excited about that!


I realized recently that I’ve gotten out of the habit of being a good guest. My generation in general seems to have forsaken the etiquette that was common for our parents and especially our grandparents. Here are the top 5 things that I want to remember as I’m a guest this holiday season (except for #2. That’s not for me).

1. RSVP (Let your hostess know if you’re a-comin’ or not!).

2. Prepare your small children for the different environment. Grandparents and great-grandparents aren’t used to little people’s busy-ness like you are!

3. Bring a hostess gift (check out my Pinterest board for some hostess gift ideas).

4. Arrive on time.

For me, this is a Golden Rule issue. When I’m hosting a meal, I don’t care how long you stay. I just need you to be there on time, so the food tastes as good as it can. As my Nana says, “If I say supper’s at 6:00, that means I’m pouring the gravy at 5:59!” So unless you want cold gravy with a film on top, be on time. 🙂 I want to extend that same courtesy to my hostess!

5. Eat what you’re served.

I’m on a diet, you’re on a diet, everyone’s on a diet. But it won’t kill you to try a few bites of the dessert your hostess worked on for three days. (Actually, I’m not on a diet. I’ll have seconds if they’re offered)

I usually head over to Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor, when I need practical etiquette advice. She has a great post on 7 Ways to Shine As A Party Guest.


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