Organizing With Baskets

Organizing With Baskets Come Home For Comfort

My organizing mantra is “a place for everything.” Giving my stuff a home helps me and the rest of my family remember to put things away. I love using baskets to corral things all over the house. The possibilities are endless! You can use baskets to contain:

  • washcloths on the sink or back of commode
  • towels next to the tub (if your bathroom is spacious)
  • makeup bags in the bathroom
  • music by the piano
  • magazines near the couch
  • blankets by the couch
  • socks and belts in your closet
  • shoes by the back door
  • canned drinks or other things in the fridge
  • detergent and dryer sheets in the laundry room
  • similar items in the pantry (I use sturdy wire baskets for this)

Here’s a peek at a few of the baskets around my house…

Organizing With Baskets Come Home For Comfort

I have purchased most of my baskets on Hobby Lobby’s clearance aisle. Regular prices, even at my beloved Hob Lob, are just too much for my wallet! My husband has a small basket on his dresser that holds his contact solution, glasses case, etc., that was marked down to $2! I’ve also found some great basket deals on Target’s clearance end caps. I usually pick up any marked down baskets I see, because I always find a use for them!

For some more visual inspiration, click here, here and here.

Do you use baskets for organization?


3 thoughts on “Organizing With Baskets

  1. I love baskets 🙂 just found some in the $1 spot at Target (they were actually $3) and they were marked 50% off, so 2 baskets with a cloth liner for $1.50 a piece! Made my day!


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