How To Organize Your Freezer {Free Printable}

Freezer Organization Free Printable Come Home For Comfort

No matter what size or shape your freezer is – it can be a pain to keep organized! I only have the freezer above my refrigerator (some day I’d love to have a separate freezer), but things get lost even in that tiny space. When my freezer is completely full, it is impossible to see everything at once.

Several years ago I came up with a Freezer Organization Chart to keep tabs on what I’d stored in there. I thought now would be a good time to share it on the blog – in case your freezers are filling up with fruit and veggies that you’re buying on sale during peak season!

Click below to view, download and print your Freezer Organization Chart!

Freezer Organization Come Home For Comfort

This list is two pages of letter size paper. I suggest printing it out, laminating it, and using a dry erase marker to keep track of your freezer inventory. I use the boxes to write the date that I placed the item in the freezer. For instance, if I put a package of cooked chicken in the freezer today, I’d write “7/23” in the first empty box on the “Chicken – Cooked White Meat” row. When I take the item out of the freezer to use it, I just erase it from the list. (Write the date on the package too, so you know to pull the oldest stuff out of the freezer first.)

I left you some extra lines to write in things you keep in your freezer that I don’t keep in mine. There’s even a “Miscellaneous” section for you!

Have fun taking inventory of your freezer! Am I the only one who finds this task exciting? 🙂

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