Remember Your Manners

Don’t we all like for people to treat us the way we treat them? I know I’m that way. That desire is partially what motivates me to act in a polite fashion. I’m very impatient by nature, but the behavior drilled into my brain by my mother coupled with my desire to receive politeness in return causes me to walk on the right side of the aisle in the grocery store, say “excuse me” when I have to squeeze past someone who is in the middle of the aisle, or say “thank you” when someone stops their car so I can get across the parking lot crosswalk.

During my weekly grocery shopping trip a few days ago, I realized once again that so many people (at least in my area) have absolutely no regard for common courtesy. Don’t allow other’s disregard for manners to influence you! Be an example of kindness and courtesy – both in public and in your home. After all, good manners begin at home!

I’ve been sharing some of my older posts that you might have missed from my early days of blogging. Today’s post is all about manners, particularly the ones we should dust off and practice during the holidays. After all, there are only 63 days until Christmas! 🙂 Click below to read the post.

The importance of manners, everyday and at the holidays. Come Home For Comfort


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2 thoughts on “Remember Your Manners

  1. I wish more people would RSVP! It seems like a lost art and hosts end up having to call to confirm who’s coming. So sad 😦 63 days until Christmas – wowza! I need to get busy making some plans and doing some shopping.


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