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High Five For Friday {Enjoying The Little Things}

Happy Friday! These posts, for me, are all about enjoying the little things in life. Your life may not be perfect (mine isn’t either!), but there are so many things to enjoy and appreciate every day. We just have to take the time to notice them! Here are the highlights from my week:

1. Last Saturday Paul had to work in Kentucky, so he dropped me off at my sister’s while he drove a few hours north. He joined me at my parents house that night, and then we enjoyed worshiping with the rest of my family at church on Sunday. It was a great weekend!

sister time

2. Monday night was the 5 year anniversary of our first date! We had a romantic dinner at Chick Fil A (Father-Son football and free milkshake night makes for a very romantic atmosphere. Ha!). I’m so glad he asked me out and that he still asks me out! Even though he doesn’t like to smile for pictures. 🙂

first date anniversary

3. We were completely out of our favorite soft drink, Ale 8, but after last weekend we are now fully stocked. It’s only available near Winchester, Kentucky (where my grandparents live). My dad got us a couple 24 packs when they were there after Christmas, and Paul grabbed even more when he was in Kentucky on Saturday. I’m a happy camper!

ale 8

4. These two things together? Yum. The cookies aren’t that pretty, but they taste so good that I don’t care.

Mint Truffle Chocolate Cookies

5. I reorganized the kitchen junk drawer! I’ll have a full post with all the details soon. Freshly organized spaces give me such joy. 🙂

Junk Drawer Organization via

Enjoy the weekend – look for the little things!

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20 thoughts on “High Five For Friday {Enjoying The Little Things}

  1. My kitchen drawer is on my list too and I was planning a post 🙂 Great minds! I also basically want to steal those cookies right out of the computer screen. Something with that much chocolate can never be bad.

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin


  2. How awesome that you enjoyed some sweet time with your sister, and then were able to worship all together as a family last Sunday! 🙂 Happy 5th Anniversary of your first date …Chick Fil A sounds like a yummy place to celebrate 😉 Speaking of yummy — I’m sure those chocolate cookies were scrumptious!! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend!


  3. You’re so right . . . Friday Favorites has opened my eyes to all the little things that make me happy throughout the week. Great job on the kitchen drawer too!


  4. So glad you love Ale 8! I live in Lexington KY so we are big fans of it too! And those chocolate cookies look great- I might have to make some now!


  5. We are kindred spirits…I feel such a sense of accomplishment and contentment when I feel organized. Uncle Jeff says I feel closer to God after I spend time organizing a closet or drawer . . . there may be some truth to that!


  6. Glad you had such a nice weekend and that’s a great picture of you and your sis. I’m hoping to make a trip home to see family in February. There’s something special about everyone gathering together, spending time together and going to church together. Happy weekend to you!!


  7. i lived in Kentucky for a while but I am unfamiliar with ALE 8…is it like gingerale? You and Alli are so cute!! Love that photo. And I featured your blog today as I made your Easy Chicken Stew for supper on Wednesday night and Oh my goodness…delish and so easy. From now on I am keeping the ingredients in my pantry and freezer so that I have a nice easy meal on hand for unexpected visitors! This would even be good without the chicken…yummy.


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