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5 Pictures on Friday {Mayberry Edition}

I got to spend the day in Mayberry! Well, almost. Last Saturday we drove down to Westminster, South Carolina for their annual Mayberry Comes to Westminster festival. Being a life-long Andy Griffith fan, I’ve attended the “big” one in Mt. Airy, North Carolina on two occasions and first visited the smaller Westminster version several years ago. These festivals are truly a taste of old time Americana, and I love it! In case you’re still wondering what in the world I’m talking about, this festival is for fans of The Andy Griffith Show. 🙂


We started the day with the Andy Griffith Show trivia contest. I found the questions fairly easy and should have gotten them all correct…but not being quick on my feet, I scored 75%. It was still SO much fun and basically the reason I attended in the first place.

The weather was perfect (“you couldn’t have gotten a better day if you’d of put an order in for it”); sunny and really breezy with almost no humidity. We enjoyed watermelon from one of the booths, but Main Street was lined with everything you would want when it comes to Southern fair food – funnel cakes, deep fried Oreos, BBQ plates, sausages, homemade ice cream and Hawaiian Ice.


There was also a drive-in featuring quite a few classic cars. Paul enjoyed looking at those, and a few of them rode in the parade at the end of the day.

car show

The other really fun part of these Mayberry Days festivals is the interaction with the tribute artists. There are at least ten actors who dress up as characters from the show and stay in character all day long. You can walk up and talk to them as if you were actually on the show (just as you would with a cast member at Disney World!). I enjoy a podcast for fans of the show called Two Chairs No Waiting and was glad to meet the host of the show who acts as a tribute artist, impersonating Floyd the Barber.

Mayberry Parade

It almost felt like stepping back in time to the late 50’s! I think I would have gotten along fine in Mayberry. So here’s my question for you – if you could live in any other time period, what would it be? 

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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24 thoughts on “5 Pictures on Friday {Mayberry Edition}

  1. What fun!!! That would have been my kind of day. I could absolutely live in the 50s. I always wanted to be in the Donna Reed show! But I also wouldn’t turn down a stay in the turn of the century ala Anne of Green Gables. BUT they sure worked a lot harder (no washing machine???) so not sure if I’d be cut out for it in the long run 🙂


  2. I had no idea there were Mayberry festivals! That sounds like a fun time. You did good with the trivia! If it were me participating, I’d probably be so excited to be there that I’d forget my own name. Haha! As for decades in which to live, I have always been intrigued with the music and fashions of the 60s. It would’ve been so fun to see the REAL Beach Boys back in their heyday.


  3. Did you see me too? I play Gomer Pyle also.Been doin’ it for 22 years.If you’re lucky,you’ll see me in Mt.Airy NC.for the even bigger Mayberry Days this comin’ last weekend in September 2016.


  4. So fun! My parents have really got to go to this or at least the one in Danville! I love the throwback to old times and all the love for the show and the characters. I feel like you should have gotten a special shout out for having named your pets after characters from the show. Also, super cute shoes! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Yes, your parents need to visit one of the Mayberry festivals! I met the actress who played Thelma Lou about 8 years ago – long before I had my kitty – but I would be sure to tell her about her namesake if I met her again! 🙂 Thanks, those shoes are so comfy!


  5. That sounds so fun!
    I would love to vacation for a week or so in each time period, but I’m actually really happy in 2016. And it’s not because of technology – I wouldn’t want to live in any era without modern bathrooms, makeup, and kitchen appliances ;-).


  6. Well as I was born in 1955, I already got to live in that era. Opie is about my age btw. I might want to go back to the late 1800s, early 1900s…and could I live at Downton Abbey please? Upstairs not downstairs!! That looks like a fun festival. Both my boys are great at whistling the Andy Griffith theme so I would enter them in the whistling contest.

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  7. Late 1950s would be great! My hubby and I are great fans of the Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry. We have wanted to visit Mt. Airy for a long time, but had not heard of this festival in Westminster. Maybe someday … Most of our travel is out West to visit family. Loved your pictures!


  8. That was quite a list of food, but didn’t anyone bring potato salad?! 😀 If you would have stayed any longer I’m afraid someone would have had to ask you to disperse and disassemble! Sounds like a fun day all in all!

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