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3 Ways To Avoid Social Media Distraction

I received this question from a sweet reader last month: “How do you avoid getting stuck on social media or watching Netflix instead of getting things done? I have high aspirations, but I get easily distracted.”

That is an excellent question, and one I imagine we can all relate to!  The question above was submitted in response to a post about prioritizing home life, which is where many of us struggle to find motivation and discipline to get things done. Staying focused on my work and not being distracted by social media is something I have to work on constantly.

Here are three things that help me stay focused on my work.


#1 Make A To-Do List

I’m very motivated by to-do lists, so this is a natural part of my day. Even if you’re not a list-maker by nature, I think this is something that can really help us get stuff done. Writing down what you need to accomplish will help you see exactly how much you need to get done (which might in turn help you realize that you have no time for scrolling Facebook!). Crossing off my tasks as I complete them helps me realize how close I am to being done with work and thus being able to relax.

#2 Set Aside Blocks of Time For Social Media and TV

One of my weekly chores is to sweep, dry mop and wet mop the entire house. This takes a while and is pretty hard work. I always mop myself into a bedroom where I can then relax with my phone while the floors dry. I don’t allow myself to check my phone or scroll social media until the task is complete.

In the evenings, I’ll often look at what I need to complete and then set a time limit for myself. Usually it’s 9 PM – once that time rolls around, I stop working and allow myself to watch Netflix or YouTube until bed time.

#3 Unplug!

This is the most effective way to stay focused. Logging out of Facebook and Instagram makes it harder to just jump on and start scrolling. I did this over the weekend and really enjoyed it! I think I will implement the logged-out method more often – do I really need to know what everyone thinks about everything 24/7? Nope.

How do you avoid being distracted by social media? 

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22 thoughts on “3 Ways To Avoid Social Media Distraction

  1. Logging out is a good one! I sometimes will leave my phone or laptop in my bedroom, so I can’t just pick them up and get occupied when I’m doing something in another part of the house. It helps quite a bit!


  2. Great tips! I love the idea of actually logging out of social media. I never do that. I also do daily to do lists to keep myself aware of what needs to be done. I like your idea of having a quitting time for work and giving yourself permission to relax. I try to sneak in moments of me time during the day and then when the kids go to bed. I love your snuggly kitty picture 🙂


  3. I nees to do a better job of unplugging. I was doing super good but have slacked off more recently. Thanks for the practical tips!


  4. I have felt really guilty this week as I have been on social media so much as I am recovering from surgery. I usually watch you tube blogs while walking in my house to get my 10,000 steps each day. And here I am in my comfy chair watching You and Mrs Erica along with some Floss Tube favorites.

    I am actually looking forward to getting back to being active.


  5. I’ve been trying to turn off my phone, shut down my computer, etc for chucks of time. It’s amazing how often we turn to them for other things too – to look something up, check the weather, etc. It’s especially helpful when spending date-night-at-home with my hubby. It keeps us present.
    When I was a youth group leader of high school girls, we would pass around a basket at the begging of our home meetings with a cute little sign that read “be with the ones you are with,” and then instructed them to toss their phones in the basket – leaders included! It’s funny. We don’t have many photos or instagram posts from those four years, but wouldn’t you know it? I have the absolute sweetest, most vivid memories ;-).


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