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DITL: A Photo Every Hour

In almost four full years of blogging, I’ve never done a “day in the life” style post…until today! Saturdays are one of my favorite days of the week, since I typically fill my day with domestic and blogging tasks. Last Saturday I snapped a photo every hour during my day! Here’s a peek into a day in my life…on a fun Saturday at home!

8 AM: Every Saturday begins with a load of linens! I go around the house and collect all the dirty sheets, towels and washcloths and start a load before I do anything else.

9 AM: Coffee in my favorite mug? That’s the way to start a Saturday!

10 AM: After breakfast I headed into my office to answer blog comments and begin writing posts for the upcoming week.

11 AM: I was still working at my desk, but Thelma Lou really wanted my attention. I stopped to snap her picture and to give her some love!

12 PM: On Saturdays I allow myself the luxury of getting ready for the day a little later than usual. I love these masks from L’Oreal – I put one on about 10 minutes before I shower and then rinse it off in the shower. It’s so much easier than splashing water and clay mask residue all over the bathroom counter!

1 PM: Lunchtime! Today I whipped up a green smoothie to sip on while I worked around the house.

2 PM: I met up with my MIL for a stroll through a local craft fair in the park. This coffee table made me stop for a second and wonder if I could be brave enough to paint my coffee table this gorgeous shade!

3 PM: We stopped in a local restaurant for a drink…and to enjoy the AC for a bit. The humidity in South Carolina is already SO intense!

4 PM: Back home and time for chores! Clearly the bathroom mirror was in need of cleaning! Ha!

5 PM: Folding the second load of linens – and watching The Office, of course!

6 PM: Suppertime! (I recorded a what I ate today video during this day as well – it’s live on my YouTube channel today!)

7 PM: Prepping our Sunday clothes. We still dress up for church – I love it!

8 PM: Time to hang out with the hubby! He came home from a golf tournament nice and toasty from the sun…and zonked out while applying lotion for his sunburn. (this photo is absolutely staged…we had the hardest time getting one where he wasn’t laughing!) 🙂 

9 PM: My usual bedtime snack is a bowl of dry cereal. Then it’s off to relax with some YouTube or Netflix before calling it a day!

I hope you enjoyed coming along for a peek at my Saturday! Of course there many other things I did during the day…but I tried to capture the major parts of the day with the photos. 🙂 What’s your favorite thing to do on Saturday?


11 thoughts on “DITL: A Photo Every Hour

  1. That local craft fair looked like so much fun! I always find those places so inspiring. I’m hoping to paint a few pieces of furniture this summer. That turquoise coffee table would be a fun addition to your living room. Go for it!!


  2. I haven’t done one of these in forever. I really should do one again soon. LOVE the office anytime you share something office related on Facebook I get the BIGGEST smile on my face. We are HUGE fans and I was actually thinking of binge watching the whole series again over summer.


  3. Thanks for letting us in! Lovely home, btw.
    Yes, go for the painting! At our dining table we have four old painted chairs that came from my parent’s house; two are white and two are bright red, and i love them! Color rocks!


  4. I say go for it on that coffee table. I painted my back door that faces the garage that color and it makes me smile every time I pull into the garage. If you don’t like it, it is easily stripped off!!


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