Bathroom Remodel Reveal {On A Budget}

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I am so happy to announce that we have completed our bathroom remodel project! We were forced to take on this project due to water damage in our flooring and decided to make a few upgrades while we had the chance. Since we didn’t plan on doing the remodel, I had to be very creative and frugal (not that I wouldn’t have been otherwise) in every area of the project.

We replaced the flooring, mirrors and light fixtures, painted and installed open shelving in both bathrooms. In the tiny master bathroom we also replaced the pedestal sink with a regular sink and cabinet. Adding in the new accessories and hardware, this project cost just over $700 in materials. (We hired a professional to install the flooring, sink and lighting, but that’s not included in the $700.)

Are you ready for the reveal? Here it is!

Bathroom #1: Hall Bath

Bathroom #2: Master Bath

Product Information, Links and Pricing:

Before we made one purchase, Paul and I wrote out a budget for the entire project and estimated we’d need $775 for materials. Paul added in a $300 buffer for unexpected expenses, but I determined to stay as close to $775 as possible. I chose basic hardware and took my time shopping for mirrors and accessories. It was worth it to come in under budget!

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22 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel Reveal {On A Budget}

  1. So pretty!! I just love the colors and that you did both bathrooms the same. Smart thinking! Your master shower curtain is so pretty. It looks brand new and goes perfectly in that space. Love your white baskets, white shelves and your flooring is really pretty. We did quick updates to two bathrooms by swapping out the mirrors at our house. It really does make a huge impact to have pretty mirror. Great job and I’m glad you get to enjoy your pretty bathrooms.


    1. I remembered how much impact your bathroom mirror upgrade brought to that room – that was my inspiration for the mirrors I bought for ours! 🙂 Since the bathrooms are pretty small (and close together) it just made sense to have them matching. It was definitely easier and cheaper!


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