Organization Works For YOU!

I love organization because it makes my life easier. Organization works differently for different people based on their personalities, lifestyles and preferences, but I believe that some form of organization benefits everyone.Β 

It might sound weird, but I enjoy the processes and routines of daily life such as getting ready for the day, preparing a meal, making coffee in the morning or cleaning the kitchen after supper. Whether or not you do those things in the same order each day, it takes certain steps to accomplish those tasks. That’s where organization comes in, as it simplifies and streamlines those steps for you.

For example, on Monday I shared the large list of items I keep on hand for making side salads. At first those items were stored in various places throughout the kitchen. I found myself opening several doors and digging through a couple bins in order to retrieve the supplies needed to make a salad. It was cumbersome! So, I grabbed an extra bin from my stash and threw all the dry goods I use for salads right into the basket. It’s a simple thing, but it saves me so much time!

What task could you streamline and simplify by corralling all the items you need for that task? Here are some ideas:

  • Weekly Meal Prep Basket: snack bags, food storage containers
  • Cleaning Caddy: rags, paper towels, gloves, cleaning sprays, sponges, magic eraser
  • School Lunch Prep Bin: store everything you need to assemble the kids lunches (lunch meat, cheese, snacks, fruit) in bins in the fridge
  • Thank You Note/Christmas Card/Wedding Invitation Basket: cards, stamps, return address labels, pens, washi
  • Mini Diaper-Changing Kit: diapers & wipes (my sister did this when her twins were infants and their nursery was on the 2nd floor – it saved her so many trips up and down the stairs!)
  • Gift Bag Supplies: bags, tissue, ribbon, blank cards

What are you going to organize? I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me what’s going to be working for you! πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Organization Works For YOU!

    1. I reorganized my house about a year after we moved in – but it did it one project at a time. It took me several years to get it all done. Now I’m working to maintain those systems – there’s always something to tweak, but it’s so rewarding! Good luck! πŸ™‚

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  1. Routines are my thing for sure, and I get frustrated when mine are thrown off. As far as organizing, I like to get out my jewelry, socks, etc. the night before so I’m not running around looking for odds and ends. It makes a HUGE difference when I’m bleary-eyed in the a.m. I like to keep my jewelry/makeup in pretty mugs/trays on my dresser. It’s fun storage and so easy to move when it’s time to dust.


      1. If I don’t lay things out, I walk around like a zombie in the morning and will never get out of the door. Mornings are not my friend. LOL!


  2. Besides using bins to organize cleaning supplies under my sinks and in the laundry room, and some for snacks and mixes in my pantry, I use them in my linen closet. I have one for OTC medicines and medical-related things (thermometer, etc) and a separate one for first-aid supplies – assorted band-aids, bandages, gauze, antibiotic cream, etc. This is huge when one of my grandkids has a mishap and I don’t have to search through all the rest of the stuff to find what I need. I also use bins to organize my bath and body items.


  3. Yum! A salad making kit sounds great! I’ve turned one of my fridge drawers into a salad making spot. All of my favorite cold ingredients go there so I don’t have to hunt for them. I like to put together bags for my outings with kids – pool bag, dance class bag, bag of activities to occupy my kids when we have to sit, etc. It’s really helpful to have those bags assembled and hanging in my mudroom ready to go when that activity comes up.


  4. I’m using bins in lots of areas in my home-the pantry, under the sinks, my laundry room, for medicine, in the bathroom drawers. I think I’m a little bin-crazy, but wow what a difference they make!
    Hoping to organize my garage and closet soon. Thanks for the post πŸ™‚


  5. Some people might refer to us organized people as Anal Retentive.( I learned that in Nursing School!) I am going to be purging my closet today and I will get rid of the things I am no longer wearing or using. I plan to donate a lot of it to a local mission.


  6. Great ideas! I’ve been reorganizing some kitchen cabinets lately. I now have a bin for all of our toddler’s dry snacks (goldfish crackers, snack cakes, etc.) a bin for dry mixes (taco seasoning, dip mixes, dry onion soup mix), and a bin for movie snacks (microwave popcorn and candy). I also used to have dry pasta in the cabinet above our coffee pot… well, I moved the pasta elsewhere, and put the coffee mugs up in there, as well as coffee, hot chocolate, tea bags, Gatorade and coffee filters. That was a game changer!


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