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Dollar Tree Haul: Travel Items, Household Supplies and Fun Finds

In case you’re new around here – I’m a big fan of shopping at Dollar Tree! Usually once a month I stop in to pick up my favorite everyday items, any cards or kid gifts I need…and of course to peruse the seasonal items!

Here’s my “big” haul from September. I’ve learned to always grab a cart when I walk in the store, otherwise I end up with my arms full of stuff, hoping I’ll find a basket at the end of an aisle. 🙂

After further review, I decided not to use the giant bottle of hand sanitizer. My husband said the smell was just too offensive to use it in public! Ha! I picked up a trusty Pocketbac from Bath and Body Works to put in my purse instead. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul: Travel Items, Household Supplies and Fun Finds

  1. also make a monthly trip to Dollar Tree, I pick up a lot of my cleaning supplies and cards and seasonal items too! 🙂 and one thing I have discovered is that some Dollar Trees are much better than others.


  2. On of my all time favorite places to shop! I love to shop and I can get a ton of things for $20.00 or under and it’s fun! Thanks for the video!


  3. I know to get a cart as well Whitney. Loved Paul’s comment on the Some Dollar Tree products are lacking.


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