5 Choices That Will Make A Difference In Your Marriage

“So much can be made bearable by love. By cherishing what is and not condemning fault or flaw. By keeping hearts open and holding each other forever in the light.” Marriage is full of hard times when you are tempted to throw blame on each other instead of coming together to work through difficulties. That… Continue reading 5 Choices That Will Make A Difference In Your Marriage


Summer Coffee Station {$5 Goodwill Challenge}

Today’s post features an area of my home that is SO hard to photograph or film! The lights in my kitchen are never conducive to photos, but my coffee station is tucked underneath a cabinet, making it even harder to capture. Nevertheless, I finished a new project I love so much that I fought the… Continue reading Summer Coffee Station {$5 Goodwill Challenge}


Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

Today I’m sharing my super simple method for making a creamy and delicious strawberry peach smoothie! I experimented with a wide variety of fruit, almond milk, coconut milk and fruit juice…and found that it really only takes a few good ingredients to get great results! This smoothie can even be made in a food processor… Continue reading Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

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My Ultimate Vacation Prep Guide!

TGI…Wednesday, am I right? Anyone else feeling it this week? I am the world’s biggest homebody, but right now I have such a vacation itch! I don’t have plans to head out of town anytime soon but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming! Just in case you’re feeling the need to get out of town… Continue reading My Ultimate Vacation Prep Guide!