Summer to Fall Wardrobe Hack

Now that we’re in September – which is just crazy to me – I’m looking for ways to transition my summer clothes into fall clothes. It usually doesn’t start to get cool around here until October, but I still like my outfits to look seasonally appropriate.

One easy way that I’ve found to transition my summer dresses to fall is by adding leggings. Most of my summer dresses hit above my knee, so the addition of leggings keeps me from baring my legs (which, in my opinion, only looks okay in the summer). Since it’s still warm out, I keep the sandals on my feet and add a bright cardigan or lightweight scarf. I’m not ready to go totally fall-ish with my look yet! I’m excited to try this look out with a few other of my summer dresses!

Take your wardrobe from summer to fall with just one tip via

What do you do to transition your wardrobe into fall?

Alli Sig

The Pleated PoppyThursday Fashion Files & Fabulous Friday

15 thoughts on “Summer to Fall Wardrobe Hack

  1. This is such a great idea! Do you have any particular brand of leggings that you like best? I was thinking about getting some to wear this fall and winter, but I’m just not sure where would be a good place to get them from. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! I usually get mine from Old Navy and Cents of Style and they seem to hold pretty well. The cheaper brands stretch out and lose their shape quickly.


  2. Love this outfit, Alli! The leggings are a cute addition. I always add a cardigan to transition my outfits from summer to fall. There are several blouses (sleeveless and short sleeve) that I keep in my closet year-round because they work in any season!


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