Frugal Living

Aldi Favorites: Home Goods Edition

Every time I write a blog post about Aldi, I have to start by reminding you that I don’t shop at Aldi because I love the experience. It’s certainly not the most pleasant shopping experience, but that’s why I also visit my local high-end grocery store once a week. I stroll the aisles, picking up… Continue reading Aldi Favorites: Home Goods Edition

Friday Favorites

5 Things On Friday {September’s Highlights}

Hey! It’s time to wrap up September and send it on its’ way…hopefully taking the hot weather with it! Here are my highlights from the month! #1 A Few Cool Evenings September started off with some really pleasant weather! It was cool the first weekend, so we celebrated with an iPad movie night in the… Continue reading 5 Things On Friday {September’s Highlights}


Seasonal Decorating Made Simple

Do you ever feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the thought of decorating? There are so many beautiful homes on Pinterest and Instagram that it’s easy to think you have to be Joanna Gaines and/or independently wealthy to have a beautifully decorated home. I mentioned last week that I’ve come a long way in my decorating… Continue reading Seasonal Decorating Made Simple

Time Management

Are You Looking For Validation or Inspiration?

Often I will observe a woman either on social media or in public who has done nothing to make herself presentable. She is dressed in either lounge clothes or exercise attire, has crazy bed head and is wearing absolutely no makeup. The first words out of her mouth (or in her caption) will be something… Continue reading Are You Looking For Validation or Inspiration?