Enjoying The Journey

Two Reasons I’m Glad I Read The Best Yes

I’m really not much of a reader – I think I could be, there’s just so much I’d rather do instead of sitting down to read a book. Knowing I needed to discipline myself to start reading, and knowing I also wanted a way to get to know some of my local friends, I started… Continue reading Two Reasons I’m Glad I Read The Best Yes

Holidays · Recipes

Easter Sunday Menu {2017}

I don’t believe you must have children in your home in order to make holidays special or magical. As a Christian, many holidays that we celebrate are special just because of what we’re celebrating! Easter is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. Without Easter, Christmas would be meaningless. Jesus came as a… Continue reading Easter Sunday Menu {2017}

Friday Favorites

5 Pictures on Friday {Cat Lady Edition}

Happy Friday! This is the cat lady edition of Five Pictures on Friday! I have a bunch of pictures on my phone that I haven’t shared on Instagram, so I thought I’d share five of my favorite kitty pictures from the last several weeks. The cats follow us all over the house so it’s not… Continue reading 5 Pictures on Friday {Cat Lady Edition}


I’m Not Going To China {my thoughts on adult peer pressure}

I distinctly remember the feeling of fear and panic that gripped my heart. It was myย senior year of college, and I was making the rounds at my university’s career fair. I had less than a semester left on my business degree and I knew I needed to start making some decisions about life after college.… Continue reading I’m Not Going To China {my thoughts on adult peer pressure}

Friday Favorites

5 Things On Friday {March’s Highlights}

March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” according to the Welsh proverb. I don’t know if that is always true of this month, but I do know I have a lot to say about March…so let’s jump right into the highlights! 1// Family,ย Food & Music My Dad was able to… Continue reading 5 Things On Friday {March’s Highlights}