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Comfort Classics: Bringing Up Baby {Movie Review}

I'm continuing my series on classic movies, where I review a classic film from my list of favorites. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a big fan of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn who are the stars of today's featured film - Bringing Up Baby! This is a chaotic screwball comedy that I… Continue reading Comfort Classics: Bringing Up Baby {Movie Review}

Recipes · Time Management

Menu Monday + Hot Dog Summer {6.21.21}

In case you weren't aware, my husband's favorite food is hot dogs. He could literally eat them twice a day every day and be totally happy. I thought it would be fun to turn our weekly date nights into something different for the summer so I put my own spin on a popular hashtag and… Continue reading Menu Monday + Hot Dog Summer {6.21.21}

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Celebrating My Parents’ 40th Anniversary!

My sister and I love planning parties together, and we were so happy to plan one to celebrate our parents' 40th anniversary! We knew we wanted it to be much smaller and more intimate than their 35th anniversary (although that was a great event, too!). We decided to gift them a family photo session followed… Continue reading Celebrating My Parents’ 40th Anniversary!

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Dollar Tree DIY’s: Simple Crafts Under $5!

If you're looking for simple, inexpensive crafts - you've come to the right place! My rules for crafting are these: it can't cost more to make than it would to buy the completed item, and it can't be complicated. Here are four crafts I've made using Dollar Tree items. If I can do these, anyone… Continue reading Dollar Tree DIY’s: Simple Crafts Under $5!


Bill Payment Checklist with Password Organizer

How frustrating is it when you try to log in and pay a bill, but you can't remember the password? Have you ever missed a monthly payment because the electronic bill got lost in your inbox? I have the solution for you! What would happen if the designated bill-payer in your home was suddenly unable… Continue reading Bill Payment Checklist with Password Organizer

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Homemaking Favorites {5 on Friday}

Today I want to share a handful of items that I've been loving - and these are all from the homemaking category! #1 Mixing Bowls with Lids I love that these are dishwasher and microwave safe, have rubber grips on the bottom and come with lids! I use them for mixing bowls, serving bowls, leftover… Continue reading Homemaking Favorites {5 on Friday}

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When You’re Overwhelmed or Burned Out

Overwhelm can come from lots of different sources - busyness, stress, financial pressure, sickness and more. I even find myself overwhelmed and burned out from living with myself and my sinful, wicked heart! Ever been there? I don't like being overwhelmed or burned out and I imagine you don't either! Since we're right at the… Continue reading When You’re Overwhelmed or Burned Out