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Are You Looking For Validation or Inspiration?

Often I will observe a woman either on social media or in public who has done nothing to make herself presentable. She is dressed in either lounge clothes or exercise attire, has crazy bed head and is wearing absolutely no makeup. The first words out of her mouth (or in her caption) will be something… Continue reading Are You Looking For Validation or Inspiration?

Time Management

The Happy Planner {Flip Through and Review}

I’ve been using my Happy Planner for over nine months now, and it’s safe to say I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Daily use of the weekly spread has helped me to become more efficient and mindful throughout each day. Here are a few examples: tracking and remembering to complete recurring tasks… Continue reading The Happy Planner {Flip Through and Review}

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It’s Still Summer! {Menu Monday}

Happy Monday! Even though the internet is almost trembling in anticipation of fall (am I right?!), it’s definitely still summer where I live! We are still enjoying cold breakfasts, light lunches and suppers that don’t require much time in the oven. I use my crock pot much more in the summer than I do in… Continue reading It’s Still Summer! {Menu Monday}

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A Surprising Look At My Summer Bucket List {2017}

There’s one thing about having an internet presence (no matter how small) – once something is out there, you really can’t take it back. Posting your summer goals on the internet is definitely more public than posting them on your refrigerator. I really dreaded the task of revisiting this summer’s goals – there were several… Continue reading A Surprising Look At My Summer Bucket List {2017}

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Summertime Eats {Menu Monday}

Happy Monday! Although I don’t share my menu plans every week as I have in the past, be assured I haven’t dropped the habit of weekly menu planning. We’ve been eating a much healthier fare since September, and I was really tired of the things I’d been serving. Cooking for a picky eater makes healthy… Continue reading Summertime Eats {Menu Monday}