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The Decision That Changed My Summer

For as long as I can remember, I've set my alarm clock based on the schedule for the next day. If I had to be somewhere in the morning, I set my alarm in accordance with how much time I needed to get ready and arrive on time. Other than my morning routine, there wouldn't… Continue reading The Decision That Changed My Summer

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Trying Something New {Menu Monday}

I'm trying something a little different with menu planning! For the summer I decided to try the themed approach to meal planning instead of just picking 5 or 6 meals that sound good and that correspond to my pantry inventory. Here's what I came up with: Monday: Italian Tuesday: Tacos (obviously!) Wednesday: Sandwiches - because… Continue reading Trying Something New {Menu Monday}

Time Management

When You’re Overwhelmed or Burned Out

Overwhelm can come from lots of different sources - busyness, stress, financial pressure, sickness and more. I even find myself overwhelmed and burned out from living with myself and my sinful, wicked heart! Ever been there? I don't like being overwhelmed or burned out and I imagine you don't either! Since we're right at the… Continue reading When You’re Overwhelmed or Burned Out

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How I Use Instagram To Aid My Daily Life

I don't know about you, but Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love how it's blossomed to become almost like a mini form of Pinterest, but with content from people you know and love! Here are a few ways I use Instagram to aid my daily life: #1 Outfit Inspiration Any time I'm… Continue reading How I Use Instagram To Aid My Daily Life