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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Happy Planner (or any planner!)

this post contains affiliate links I've been using a daily planner for almost five years now, and it's made a huge difference in my ability to care for and manage my home. For the last three years I've used a Happy Planner (and it's still my absolute favorite), but these tips will be helpful for… Continue reading How To Get The Most Out Of Your Happy Planner (or any planner!)

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Simple Daily Routines: A Great Place To Start in 2019

Life can be so busy, can't it? We all have varied situations, but it can be so easy to feel as if you're just surviving from one day (or weekend) to the next. If you're looking at 2019 and desiring for this to be the year that you take your life back, there's a very… Continue reading Simple Daily Routines: A Great Place To Start in 2019

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7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}

A couple weeks ago I had a very busy week at my day job, working twice as many hours as I do on a normal week. This only happens about twice a year, but it really makes me grateful to only work part time! I worked full time for 10 years and try not to… Continue reading 7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}

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How To Find Housekeeping Motivation

Often in the mid-afternoon I am tempted to plop down on the bed and watch Netflix, YouTube or Instagram stories instead of working through my to-do list. Everyone struggles with motivation at some point or another, and with household chores it can be especially hard to find the motivation for jobs that aren't your favorite!… Continue reading How To Find Housekeeping Motivation

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Trying Something New {Menu Monday}

I'm trying something a little different with menu planning! For the summer I decided to try the themed approach to meal planning instead of just picking 5 or 6 meals that sound good and that correspond to my pantry inventory. Here's what I came up with: Monday: Italian Tuesday: Tacos (obviously!) Wednesday: Sandwiches - because… Continue reading Trying Something New {Menu Monday}

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When You’re Overwhelmed or Burned Out

Overwhelm can come from lots of different sources - busyness, stress, financial pressure, sickness and more. I even find myself overwhelmed and burned out from living with myself and my sinful, wicked heart! Ever been there? I don't like being overwhelmed or burned out and I imagine you don't either! Since we're right at the… Continue reading When You’re Overwhelmed or Burned Out