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7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}

A couple weeks ago I had a very busy week at my day job, working twice as many hours as I do on a normal week. This only happens about twice a year, but it really makes me grateful to only work part time! I worked full time for 10 years and try not to… Continue reading 7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}


Crab Cakes for Frugal Crab Cake Lovers

this post contains affiliate links I absolutely love crab cakes - they're my favorite thing to order at restaurants! If there's a crab cake on the menu, chances are it will end up in front of me. They're just so hard to resist...especially when paired with another delicious component!  I love being able to recreate… Continue reading Crab Cakes for Frugal Crab Cake Lovers

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How I Love, Welcome, Serve

this post contains affiliate links Early last year my friend Whitney Jordan told me about an Instagram account she thought I'd like. She knows I love sweet southern women with a sense of humor who value good food and good hair - and that's definitely true about Amy Hannon (on Instagram as @eunamaes)! As I've… Continue reading How I Love, Welcome, Serve


Real Life, Good Food {Menu Monday}

I love sharing menu plans that are REAL LIFE! This is a true-to-life look at what we ate for meals a couple weeks ago. These are all very simple recipes that use inexpensive ingredients, but they're also really delicious! On The Menu  Breakfast:  Smoothies Avocado on Toast Cereal Lunch: Leftovers Salads: Spring Mix, Cucumber, Tomato,… Continue reading Real Life, Good Food {Menu Monday}