3 Delicious Recipes For Busy Days

This is such a busy time of the year, isn't it? It seems like everyone I know is really busy right now, no matter what stage of life they are in! Here are three recipes I've made recently that are delicious and fast. The first two are great for getting supper ready in less than… Continue reading 3 Delicious Recipes For Busy Days


Crab Cakes for Frugal Crab Cake Lovers

this post contains affiliate links I absolutely love crab cakes - they're my favorite thing to order at restaurants! If there's a crab cake on the menu, chances are it will end up in front of me. They're just so hard to resist...especially when paired with another delicious component!  I love being able to recreate… Continue reading Crab Cakes for Frugal Crab Cake Lovers

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How I Love, Welcome, Serve

this post contains affiliate links Early last year my friend Whitney Jordan told me about an Instagram account she thought I'd like. She knows I love sweet southern women with a sense of humor who value good food and good hair - and that's definitely true about Amy Hannon (on Instagram as @eunamaes)! As I've… Continue reading How I Love, Welcome, Serve


Real Life, Good Food {Menu Monday}

I love sharing menu plans that are REAL LIFE! This is a true-to-life look at what we ate for meals a couple weeks ago. These are all very simple recipes that use inexpensive ingredients, but they're also really delicious! On The Menu  Breakfast:  Smoothies Avocado on Toast Cereal Lunch: Leftovers Salads: Spring Mix, Cucumber, Tomato,… Continue reading Real Life, Good Food {Menu Monday}