Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

Today I’m sharing my super simple method for making a creamy and delicious strawberry peach smoothie! I experimented with a wide variety of fruit, almond milk, coconut milk and fruit juice…and found that it really only takes a few good ingredients to get great results! This smoothie can even be made in a food processor… Continue reading Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

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Summertime Eats {Menu Monday}

Happy Monday! Although I don’t share my menu plans every week as I have in the past, be assured I haven’t dropped the habit of weekly menu planning. We’ve been eating a much healthier fare since September, and I was really tired of the things I’d been serving. Cooking for a picky eater makes healthy… Continue reading Summertime Eats {Menu Monday}


That’s A Wrap! {My Favorite Wrap Ingredients}

Pardon the punny post title, I can’t help it. I come from parents who can (and probably do!) make puns in their sleep! But when it comes to quick, easy and delicious food…I don’t joke around. Wraps have become one of my favorite things to make for lunch and even for supper! I like to… Continue reading That’s A Wrap! {My Favorite Wrap Ingredients}