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March 2021 in Review

This month flew by! It was one of those months where we didn't have anything special going on, but each day was pretty busy from morning until evening. Paul has been very busy with college officiating - he referees women's volleyball and lacrosse - and I find that when his schedule is full, so is… Continue reading March 2021 in Review

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High Five For…2020!

Let's be honest - you might be thinking you'd rather kick 2020 in the behind instead of giving it a high five! However, the past is not about us. The past is about God's faithfulness. This year hasn't been the greatest. There have been so many moments of uncertainty, fear, frustration and disappointment. But there… Continue reading High Five For…2020!

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5 Things On Friday: 10th Anniversary and Christmas Fun! {12.18.20}

#1 Yesterday we celebrated our 10th anniversary! We have a fun trip planned in a couple weeks, but we celebrated last night with a leisurely dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants. I’m really thankful for the level of comfort we have with each other after 10 years, but that doesn’t mean things are… Continue reading 5 Things On Friday: 10th Anniversary and Christmas Fun! {12.18.20}