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Month in Review {October 2022}

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Whew! What a month! October is almost over and it’s time to wrap it up with all the highlights.

I was so glad to squeeze in a 24 hour visit with my family in Tennessee this month. Paul officiated a lacrosse tournament in Myrtle Beach so my sister invited me to spend some time at her house – I couldn’t say no to that!

We met up with Mom for some shopping on Saturday morning. One of our favorite local stores had a big sale event that we were excited to shop, and then we hit Hob Lob and Lowes. We laughed and shopped and laughed some more. It was the best!

My precious nephews turn 6 next month and are so much fun! They don’t sit still like this for very long so I soak it up when I can. They pray with expectant faith that God will “give Uncle Paul and Auntie some kids” and I can’t wait to see how God answers their prayer. ❤

We wrapped up the weekend with a delicious family supper (minus Paul who was working hard on the lacrosse field). Alli made a delicious pot roast with parmesan risotto and some amazing biscuits along with green beans and roasted squash. There are many reasons I wish I was her neighbor and this is one of them. 🙂

It’s been several years since we’ve seen The Collingsworth Family in concert and Paul and I were so excited to catch them on their Fall Just Sing Tour! They sang a lot of songs from their latest album, including Great Is His Faithfulness.

Courtney Collingsworth Metz is an adoptive mom who has been really inspiring and encouraging to me. They traveled to Thailand during the pandemic to adopt their son, Theo. ❤

One of the reasons I said “Whew!” at the beginning of this post is because we considered putting our house on the market this month.

I was already wrapping up my bathroom remodel project, but I did a few other quick refreshes around the house to get it ready in case we needed to quickly get it on the market.

We decided not to pull the trigger, and while a fresh new house does sound exciting, I was relieved. It actually caused me to see my home with new appreciation. The Lord has been so gracious to allow us to do lots of projects in this house over the last 10 years. There’s no place like home!

We traveled 3 1/2 hours into Durham, North Carolina for a lacrosse tournament Paul refereed at Duke. Even though we’re definitely not Duke fans, it was fun to walk around the campus and check out the land of Cameron Craziness.

There was a Carolina Ale House (one of our favorites!) near our hotel, and while we’ve eaten there many times Paul has somehow never ordered their foot long hot dog. Maybe it’s new on the menu, but at any rate it was a hit!

Each day as I read through The Bible Recap Bible in a Year Plan, I stop to record how I saw God’s character or his work in that day’s reading. October has been a month of walking through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) alongside Jesus in his earthly ministry.

Here are a few things I’ve recorded in my journal:

  • Jesus wasn’t afraid of or repulsed by the “sinful woman” or the religious Pharisee. He sees our hearts, equal at the cross.
  • Jesus invites me to come when I’m weary – not just for rest but so that I can know him.
  • Jesus values relationship over religious acts.
  • Jesus sows the seeds that result in a life of word-filled faith. It’s not me, it’s the Son of man.
  • God welcomes sinners and seats them at his table.
  • Jesus satisfies and Jesus never fails!

If you’ve never read the whole Bible in a year, I hope you’ll consider joining me in 2023. I’ll have more information about that soon!

Posts From October:

Friends – it’s almost November!! Can you believe it? I started working through my Christmas planner last week, and it feels so good to have a head start on those details. I know what gifts I’m looking for and what I have purchased.

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8 thoughts on “Month in Review {October 2022}

  1. I always enjoy your monthly review, Whitney, and this was another fun one! Family time is the best, isn’t it! Thanks for sharing. Happy almost November! 🧡


  2. What a full month! I love that you got to see family, go on amazing outings and it sounds like you’ve had some exciting decisions to make for your family. I’m glad you get to enjoy all the hard work and projects you’ve been completing for a while longer. Your nephew’s prayers are so sweet. Praying for you, too!


  3. Wow! You had a crazy but fun month! So glad you were able to enjoy a Collingsworth concert! I saw them for the 1st time in Sept. They were wonderful, and it was a huge blessing for me to be there with a good friend. Funny story, little Mia lost a shoe right near my chair! I was able to take it to the merchandise table for sweet Mama Shar. Love that I am praying the same prayer as 2 adorable boys!!!


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