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My Simple Christmas Planner

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year! In my opinion, planning for Christmas is one of the best ways to enjoy the season. I get to anticipate the fun and joy of December as I plan ahead with gifts, cards and decorating – but I’m also able to enjoy the season so much more because I’ve planned ahead with a manageable budget and task list.

Over the years I’ve worked with a hodge-podge planning system that hasn’t been easy to share with you. But this year I have my essential and simple Christmas Planner available for you to purchase in my Etsy store!

We can plan together and share the joy of the season through this helpful tool I’ve created just for you.

This simple 3-page Christmas planner gives you the basics to keep on top of your plans, gifts and budget.

The Master To-Do List is a great place to “brain dump” all the things you need to accomplish during the holidays. I use it for making lists with short action steps to help me plan out projects like Christmas cards, homemade gifts and more.

The Gift List is perfect for helping you remember what you bought for each person, how much you have spent and when it needs to be wrapped and ready to go! If you have a per-person spending limit, this is a great tool to keep you on track.

Things To Remember Next Year might be the most important piece of the system. I make notes throughout December and the first of January that I can look back on before I begin shopping or planning for the next Christmas.

I write things like:

  • gift ideas I think of after I’m done shopping for that year
  • traditions or events we participated in that did (or did not!) go well
  • potential unpleasant situations to avoid
  • things that might sneak up on me, like work gift exchanges
  • new recipes that were winners, along with where to find the recipe (Pinterest board, a cookbook, etc.)
  • notes for early season decor purchases: “Don’t buy more gift wrap” or “All the tree lights need to be replaced”

My Christmas Planner is a $5 digital download that you can purchase once and print year after year. The design is minimal and can even be printed in black and white to save ink.

These are great to store in a folder and look back on before you begin planning for the upcoming Christmas season!

—> Click here to purchase my $5 Christmas Planner! <—-

I stand by my belief that half the fun of Christmas is in the planning – so what are you waiting for? Let the holiday fun begin!

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6 thoughts on “My Simple Christmas Planner

  1. What a great way to share your organizing skills with others! Good idea!! I’ve purchased a few Christmas gifts along the way this year and am planning to try extra hard to finish up my shopping early. I want to be able to enjoy the season and avoid the stressful shopping crowds as much as possible.


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