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Christmas Card {2020}

Who would have thought we would have enough fun memories to fill up 10 collage spots on our Christmas card? I'll share our highlights of the year - most of which are pictured on the card - in a couple weeks. This collage is just a bunch of different versions of our faces to most… Continue reading Christmas Card {2020}

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How To Prepare For Christmas In July

I know that many people are horrified with how early those Christmas displays begin to appear in the stores. It doesn't bother me - I love Christmas and really enjoy planning and preparing for the season. I find that planning ahead makes Christmas much less stressful financially and emotionally and helps me to to enjoy… Continue reading How To Prepare For Christmas In July

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10 Pictures on Friday: Our 10th Christmas

This is our 10th Christmas together, so I thought it would be fun to share one picture from each year. The one above is from Christmas Eve 2010, just a week after our wedding! 2011-  and the vest that Paul doesn't wear anymore. 🙂 2012 - the last Christmas my Gramma spent with us before… Continue reading 10 Pictures on Friday: Our 10th Christmas