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Why Is Easter Weekend A Big Deal?

Why is Easter weekend such a big deal? I've mentioned before that reading through the Bible each year makes Christmas more and more special. This year my trip through the first five books of the Bible along with the book of John has made Easter more special than ever before! Let me set up the… Continue reading Why Is Easter Weekend A Big Deal?

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How To Put the Phone Down So You Can Rest

I have a new discipline that I'm working on. This is a little embarrassing - but I don't know how to relax without holding my phone or watching TV (usually at the same time). I love to scroll Instagram, I love to watch YouTube and I love to watch sitcoms! Now. I don't think there's… Continue reading How To Put the Phone Down So You Can Rest


This Has Not Been Cancelled

Did you know that the absolute Truth of God's Word hasn't been cancelled by Covid? It absolutely applies to the things we face today - uncertainty, cancellations, rules and restrictions, sickness, fear and unrest. This week I've been thinking about three pillars from the book Experiencing God (a study that deeply impacted me as a… Continue reading This Has Not Been Cancelled