What To Do While You’re Waiting

Waiting is no fun. I might be the world's most impatient person, so I get it. What can we do while we're waiting on God to answer our prayer? How can we survive our inevitable periods of waiting throughout life? Whether you're waiting on a spouse, a child, physical healing, financial relief, a new job,… Continue reading What To Do While You’re Waiting

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Confessions of an Unappreciated Homemaker

Wouldn't it be nice if our husbands and families always noticed and complimented our homemaking efforts? One of my 5 year old nephews is particularly observant and complimentary. He always notices a new rug or piece of decor in my house and will comment on it with something like, "Oh, you got a new rug.… Continue reading Confessions of an Unappreciated Homemaker

Faith · Time Management

How To Stay on Track With Your Bible Reading Plan

I imagine if you clicked on this blog post, you are either currently working through a Bible reading plan or you would like to start one. If you're feeling overwhelmed or discouraged about your progress so far in your plan, this post will encourage you. If you've been hesitant to begin a plan because you're… Continue reading How To Stay on Track With Your Bible Reading Plan

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{Big} Life Update: Our Adoption Journey

Yep, you read that correctly. After 11 years of marriage, Paul and I are in the process of being approved as adoptive parents! Adoption has always been on our hearts. I was deeply impacted by several precious foster children that I encountered while serving in various ministries in my early 20's. We went into our… Continue reading {Big} Life Update: Our Adoption Journey

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Verses To Pray Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! When you think about the upcoming holiday, what emotions fill your heart? Do you feel excitement? Fear? Loneliness? Anxiety? Gratitude? Anticipation? Worry? No family is perfect or free from difficulty, whether it’s a strained relationship, a family member who always causes issues, a recent loss, financial strain or… Continue reading Verses To Pray Before Thanksgiving