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My Ultimate Vacation Prep Guide!

TGI…Wednesday, am I right? Anyone else feeling it this week? I am the world’s biggest homebody, but right now I have such a vacation itch! I don’t have plans to head out of town anytime soon but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming! Just in case you’re feeling the need to get out of town… Continue reading My Ultimate Vacation Prep Guide!


The Secret To An Organized Life

Every so often someone will comment on a picture, blog post or video and say, “I wish you could organize my house for me!”  I know what they mean, and I’m flattered by the compliment. However, the reason my house is organized is not because I live here. I don’t possess any magical organizing Pixie Dust… Continue reading The Secret To An Organized Life


Friday Night Project: Kitchen Drawer Reorganization

Often on Friday night I find myself with a huge burst of domestic energy. That’s one of the reasons I do my weekly planning sessions on Friday night – I know I have the whole weekend in front of me, fresh with possibilities and fun things to do around the house. Early last week I… Continue reading Friday Night Project: Kitchen Drawer Reorganization