25 Minutes To Organize The Freezer {Before and After!}

People like to tease me and threaten to randomly inspect all the cabinets and storage spaces in my house. 🙂 Since I've shared so many posts and videos showing my home right after I've completed an organization project, they wonder if my house gets messy and disorganized just like theirs. The truth? It does! My… Continue reading 25 Minutes To Organize The Freezer {Before and After!}


Organization Works For YOU!

I love organization because it makes my life easier. Organization works differently for different people based on their personalities, lifestyles and preferences, but I believe that some form of organization benefits everyone.  It might sound weird, but I enjoy the processes and routines of daily life such as getting ready for the day, preparing a… Continue reading Organization Works For YOU!

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How To Look Your Best On A Budget {Spring Lifestyle Wardrobe}

We are officially into Spring, which means (at least where I live) it's time to put away the winter clothes and start transitioning toward warm weather! I decided to curate a 21(ish) item lifestyle wardrobe for this season like I did last summer and fall - it really makes getting ready so much easier! It's… Continue reading How To Look Your Best On A Budget {Spring Lifestyle Wardrobe}


10 Minute Organization: The Spice Cabinet

this post contains affiliate links Have you ever started to use a spice (like paprika, cinnamon or Italian seasoning) and then realized it was expired? This happens so easily because many spices expire long before you reach the end of the supply! A few weeks ago I decided to check the expiration dates on all… Continue reading 10 Minute Organization: The Spice Cabinet


Two Game Changing Laundry Habits

Before I launch into today's post, I have a little soapbox topic to cover. LIFE HACKS. According to the google dictionary, a life hack is "a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way." I'm all for that! I am, however, opposed to the connotation… Continue reading Two Game Changing Laundry Habits

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Three Ways to Stay Organized At Christmas

The title of this post has two of my favorite words in it - Christmas and organized! During December I set up three little "stations" that corral all the things I need for various Christmas projects - wrapping gifts, assembling food gifts and addressing Christmas cards. Here's how I set up each "station!" #1 Gift Wrap… Continue reading Three Ways to Stay Organized At Christmas