Home Organization Products From Target {Under $25)

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Fitting a family of five in 1,300 square feet has been a challenge, but I’ve been so pleased with the solutions I’ve created. My organization mantra is always “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

I found some great tools at Target that help me neatly store our things in a way that allows us to easily access what we need.

#1 3 Tier Utility Cart ($15)

This cart is very easy to assemble. It’s made of a thick, durable plastic and comes with nice smooth wheels that make it easy to move around. I have two of these and they live under my kitchen bar counter.

I simply needed more cabinet space in my kitchen, and this was my $30 solution! I use the carts to store items like these:

  • planner supplies – stickers, washi, pens
  • paper goods – paper plates, napkins, plastic cutlery
  • kitchen linens – cloth napkins, dish towels, place mats, table runners
  • cookbooks

Because the items in these carts are visible, I make sure to keep them tidy and uncluttered.

#2 Narrow Storage Cart ($20)

There are lots of ways you could use this cart. It’s metal and looks a little more upscale than the plastic cart. Mine ended up as a kitchen set accessory in my littlest kiddo’s room.

I added matching bins from Dollar Tree and use it to store all the food and dishes that go with the kitchen set. It comes with rollers, but I chose not to use those.

#3 Towel Hook ($24)

I needed a place where all 3 kiddos could hang their bath towels, and this is the perfect solution. Hooks take up less space than a full towel bar and I find that the towels look neater hanging on a hook.

This particular one works well for us, since each person actually has two hooks (top and bottom). We made sure it was securely attached to the wall to handle all those heavy towels. This would also be nice to organize aprons and shopping bags in a walk-in pantry.

#4 Sterlite Totes ($10)

I use clear totes for all of my long term storage – Christmas and other seasonal decor, out of season clothing, sentimental items, and more. Right now a good bit of those things are in a storage unit while we wait on our own at-home storage solution to be built.

Knowing I would forget what I put in storage, I labeled each bin with a number and a short description. Those details went on a master list that I can access from my phone. If I ask Paul to swing by the storage area and pick up something for me, I can tell him what number box to grab instead of trying to describe what I need. Win!

We do not currently have room for a dresser in our master bedroom. All of my clothes fit in our closet, but Paul decided he would create an under-the-bed dresser drawer system. Using these shallow totes and removing the lids, he organized his clothes into three “drawers” that easily slide out when he needs to grab something.

#5 Over the Door Mirror ($19)

The last two products in this post have to do with my best tip for organizing a lot of things in a small space – utilizing your doors!

Mirrors are so expensive, but this one feels like a steal under $20. It is perfect in my small master bedroom.

#6 15 Pocket Over the Door Hanging Organizer ($12)

I don’t use this to organize shoes – although you could definitely use it for that. One of these hangs inside our master bathroom door and holds Paul’s toiletries as well as my curling irons (the bottom fabric pocket is perfect for them).

The other one I purchased to hang inside my front closet. When our kiddos moved in last year, I had to relocate everything from my home office – including the closet that was always packed to the ceiling. This organizer is perfect for all my paper goods, craft tools, and gift wrap supplies!

You can grab all plastic versions of these shoe organizers for a little less, but I love that this one has sturdy fabric reinforcement. It has held up really well even with daily use.

Would any of these items help you with a tricky spot in your home?

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17 thoughts on “Home Organization Products From Target {Under $25)

  1. A few years ago at Aldi, I bought something very similar to the narrow storage cart. That size is perfect next to my washer, and holds so many things.


  2. Great ideas, Whitney! Last year, I bought a rolling 3-tiered cart for all of my son’s art supplies, and it has been amazing! We have also switched over his small toys to small stacking Hefty bins, which are lightweight and still accessible for him.


  3. Great organizing finds! They seem to really work perfectly for your house. I’m working on organizing kid closets and I love having things in clear storage bins. One of my kiddos is like Paul and likes to keep things under his bed in bins.


  4. Great ideas, Whitney! You definitely have some valuable organizational skills. I love the challenge of small spaces! We lived in 1200 sq ft house for several years and I really enjoyed getting creative to think of storage solutions.


  5. I use one of the over door shoe organizer to hold all those to go cups that where taking over my cabinets. I have a small closet off my kitchen that is a perfect lication.


  6. I’ve been looking for something like those carts for my grandkids’ kitchen. I’m not a big Target person, but maybe I’ll stop in and check those out! Thanks!


  7. I love posts like this. I too, need to work hard to store items creatively (family of 7 in 1400 sq ft), but I’m not that good at it! Your ideas are helpful. πŸ™‚


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