How To Organize Your Household Bill Payments (so you never miss one or forget a password!)

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How frustrating is it when you try to log in and pay a bill, but you can’t remember the password? Have you ever missed a monthly payment because the electronic bill got lost in your inbox?

I have the solution for you!

What would happen if the designated bill-payer in your home was suddenly unable to take care of that responsibility? Would someone else be able to pick up the task, log in to each account and keep the payments on schedule?

I can make that possible!

What happens when your credit card is hacked and you have to set everything up on a new account? How do you remember which bills were paid with the old card?

I have a system that will help you!

I’ve taken my tried and true bill payment system and turned it into two printable files that you can purchase from my Etsy store!

  • Monthly Bills to Pay: Write down the information for each bill that you pay, including online login information and the method of payment.
  • Bill Payment Tracker: Check off each bill as you pay it or as you see the automatic draft email come through each month. This one also helps your monthly cash flow as you’re able to see exactly how much is leaving your bank account each week.

I like to keep these, updated, in my home office filing system. It makes bill payments and household cash flow management so much easier!

Head over to my Etsy store and download my Monthly Bill Tracking System for only $4! It’s a one time purchase – once you download it, you can print as many as you need for years to come.

Who’s ready to get organized?

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