My Home Management Dashboard

I created a new dashboard for my planner that has been so helpful for my home management! There were two charts I accessed frequently but that I always had to go out of my way to reference. Since the Happy Planner is easily customizable, I took an extra monthly divider page from the beginning of the planner (I have a 16 month but only needed the last 12 months) and attached two monthly progress charts to the sheet.

Here are the two charts that I moved to my planner! (I won’t include a picture of the actual dashboard because it contains personal information):

#1 Household Cleaning Schedule

Every Friday night I plan the chores I want to accomplish that weekend. Having my cleaning schedule right there in my planner helps me remember to schedule in those monthly or quarterly chores I need to get done!

click to enlarge

#2 Bill Pay Checklist

I don’t know how it goes at your house, but Paul and I share the bill paying and money managing responsibilities. He frequently asks me things like, “Did we pay the internet bill?” “What day is the mortgage due?” I can’t usually remember off the top of my head. Keeping this checklist in my planner not only saves me time, but it leaves the information easily accessible for Paul and helps me not to forget to pay anything! Once a bill is paid, I check it off for the month.

Download my printable bill payment system & password organizer on Etsy!

Previously I had either stored these on my computer or printed them to hang on the fridge. I’m finding that it works so much better to have the charts right there in my planner for daily and weekly reference. Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, I placed the dashboard at the back of the planner for easy access.

Is there a list or goal tracker you have a hard time keeping up with? Stick it in your planner!

8 thoughts on “My Home Management Dashboard

  1. I like the idea of keeping your bill pay schedule in your planner in table form. I usually try to hand write dates in my Happy Planner and then check them off when paid, but this is obviously leaves me open to forgetting to write them in! Question – help me understand where in your Happy Planner you placed these charts/dividers? I need to keep things pretty visible, so I’m wondering where exactly in your planner you’ve placed them? Thanks in advance for helping out a friend who isn’t NEARLY as organized as you, lol. ❤


    1. This month I actually hand wrote all the due dates in my weekly spread as well – I did it at the beginning of the month so I wouldn’t forget. I stuck this dashboard at the back of my planner because I only need to look at it when I have a question or when I’m planning for the week – but since the dividers pop out so easily, you could even stick it in between the two pages of your weekly spread if you wanted.

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  2. I have a small date book similar to yours that I keep on my kitchen cabinet. I write down all appointments etc there so I can remember where I am supposed to be. Marvin does most of the bill paying online. I asked him to give me a copy of all the accounts, numbers and passwords so that I would have them in case of emergency. Like you, I enjoy being organized.

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