My Household Mantra – Do It Anyway

Over the years I’ve set a daily household cleaning schedule in place, and that continues to work really well for me. The mantras of “do it daily” and “do it first” keep me from giving in to my natural tendency of laziness!

I have a new mantra that I say to myself when I’m tempted to leave the dishwasher full of clean dishes or the bed unmade. Here it is: Do It Anyway. 

I’m really good at coming up with excuses for not doing simple chores. “I’ve been busy all day.” “I’ll do it later.” “I just want to sit here and watch Instagram stories until it’s time to leave for work.” Most of the time the chore I’m avoiding won’t take more than 10 minutes – I’m not talking about deep cleaning the basement or weeding the entire yard.

Here’s what helps me to Do It Anyway – remembering that I never regret doing it anyway! I’m always so glad that I took a few minutes to fold the laundry, to put away the clutter on the counter or to make the bed.

Proverbs 13:19 says, “A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” I usually think of that verse in terms of big life goal desires, but I think it’s also true in the little things! I truly desire a tidy home, and it usually requires a little bit of work and discipline to get there – just as it says in Proverbs 14:23, “In all labor there is profit!”

When you’re tempted to make excuses, remember that a desire accomplished is sweet to the soul and Do It Anyway! 🙂

My cleaning schedule lives in the back of my planner as part of my Home Management Dashboard


4 thoughts on “My Household Mantra – Do It Anyway

  1. Whenever my husband does something that will benefit him the next day (like laying out his clothes) he calls it, “Being nice to my tomorrow self.” I like that!


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