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I Can’t Do Everything, But I Can Do Something {Homemaking Encouragement}

As a homemaker who commutes to an office job each day, I often feel like I'm just barely crossing off my weekly to-do list before it's time to flip the planner page and start a new week. There's so much more that I want to do. I want to make more snacks from scratch. I… Continue reading I Can’t Do Everything, But I Can Do Something {Homemaking Encouragement}

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My Planner Picks for 2021: Happy Planner Cat Lady

This is my 5th year to use a Happy Planner! My preference is the classic size with a vertical layout. I love that it has both the weekly spread with columns for every day and the monthly spread with the whole month on two pages. For 2021 I just had to have the Cat Lady… Continue reading My Planner Picks for 2021: Happy Planner Cat Lady


How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Living Space

The first step in creating comfortable spaces - in my opinion - is to clear the clutter. Bedrooms often become cluttered with clothes (both in season and out of season), laundry, blankets and lots of other things that might not even belong in there! Keep reading to learn how to turn your bedroom into a cozy living space!

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Surprisingly Easy Ways to Stay on Top of Things!

This time of year is always extra busy, and with the fluid nature of things right now it's possible that your schedule is constantly changing. I've come up with a few tricks that help me to stay as on top of things as possible. I can't possibly remember everything that I need to get done or recall random thoughts that pop into my head. Here are a few things I do that might be helpful for you, too!


Recapping The Happy Homemaker Challenge + A Milestone!

7 years ago today I began this blog to give myself a place to cultivate and share my love of homemaking. Last month I gave you all the opportunity to do the same, through my #HappyHomemaker2020 Challenge on Instagram. It was a simple challenge where each day we shared a photo of something we loved… Continue reading Recapping The Happy Homemaker Challenge + A Milestone!


Happy Homemaker Challenge: August 2020

I'm excited to launch the Happy Homemaker Challenge for August 2020! This will take place on Instagram, and has been designed to help us find joy and contentment in our role as homemakers. I've always preached my mantra that all women are homemakers, no matter what additional titles you hold - wife, mom, widow, single,… Continue reading Happy Homemaker Challenge: August 2020

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5 Pictures on Friday: Easter Weekend Recap 2020

Easter Weekend Recap: Lots of good food and lots of time to rest. We enjoyed our new deck furniture, a slow weekend and the extra worship music and sermons available online this Easter! I took the time to set a pretty table for the two of us, using an inspiration picture I'd saved on Pinterest.… Continue reading 5 Pictures on Friday: Easter Weekend Recap 2020