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Easy Ways to Keep the Bathroom Clean: Happy Homemaking Tips

I generally enjoy housekeeping chores like laundry, dishes, or vacuuming. However, cleaning the bathrooms lands at the bottom of that list. It’s definitely my least favorite chore.

I’ve developed a few habits over the last year that really help me stay on top of the bathroom cleaning and make it less of an unpleasant task.

I’ll save the best tip for last, so don’t miss it!

#1 – Clean the main surfaces daily.

I keep Lysol wipes under the sink in both bathrooms. Each day after I finish getting ready, I wipe the sink, counter, and toilet seat lid. It goes a long way in helping the bathroom to look fresh and clean.

One of my kiddos always has this task as their after-school chore (along with emptying the trash and restocking the toilet paper). I’m hoping this will get them in the habit of daily bathroom maintenance.

#2 – Remove clutter regularly.

It’s amazing how much cleaner the bathroom looks when there’s no clutter on the counter or shelves. I only allow myself to keep the makeup I’m currently using in my makeup organizer. This also helps me get ready a lot faster when I have fewer choices of things like eye shadow. Anything not being used multiple times a week goes in my extra makeup drawer in my bedroom.

If you’re not on your period, put away your supplies. If your husband no longer uses the 27 dental hygiene tools on his side of the counter, get rid of them or move them to a drawer or closet. Clearing visual clutter not only makes it easier to wipe the counters, it will make for a more peaceful view.

#3 – Clean the shower while you’re in it!

My friend Nikki shared this tip in her Instagram stories last year and it changed my life. I keep a spray bottle with dish soap and water in my shower. Once a week I grab an extra wash cloth and clean the shower while the water is still running. This is a great thing to do while you let your hair mask or deep conditioner soak into your hair.

Now that I’m a mom, it’s almost a treat to get to stay in the shower a little longer – and it’s in the name of housekeeping! I do occasionally clean the shower with a stronger solution during my regular weekly bathroom deep clean, but most of the time this gets the job done.

Which tip can you implement in your bathroom cleaning routines? Proverbs 13:4 says “the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

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6 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Keep the Bathroom Clean: Happy Homemaking Tips

  1. Great tips~! I love that striped shower curtain! It adds interest and pattern to your space and it’s such a timeless look.


  2. Good tips, Whitney! I also clean the shower while I am inside! My other favorite tool is my long-handled wand. Every few days I spray the shower and tub down and then I can reach up high and down low.


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