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Dollar Tree Haul and Review

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Dollar Tree doesn’t always have the lowest prices in town, but there are plenty of items in their store that are worth spending $1.25. Here’s a recent Dollar Tree haul that I did for my family of 5!

  • Santitas (name brand) salsa
  • 75 Diaper disposal bags – I use these for kitty litter.
  • Snacks and individually wrapped desserts: great for keeping in the car for after school or the days when errands run long and people are hangry. I look for 6 or more in each package and compare prices to Aldi and Dollar General.
  • Dishwasher detergent packs – I love these!

  • Lysol toilet cleaner
  • Hand wipes and Lysol wipes – I was glad to find this package of 40 with a plastic snap closure
  • Trash bags – I like their small bags for bathroom and bedroom trash cans. I buy my kitchen trash bags at Aldi.
  • Makeup blender sponge – I’ve been using these for a long time and they work great!

  • Two fails: These combs were super cheap and broke almost immediately, and the spray bottle quit working after a few days.

  • Party supplies: the quality of the birthday banner is great (heavy card stock) and I found the plates in packs of 16.

I took this picture early in the morning after I hung the banner – I wish I could show you the picture with the one we were celebrating!

  • These paper plates work fine for snacks or sandwiches. Go with the 20 pack of foam plates if you’re using them for supper or a meal with any kind of sauce.
  • I love their basic socks like these. The novelty socks are pretty cheap, but the athletic style ones hold up really well for me.

  • Such a great deal – 18 chalkboard labels for $1.25! I use these on my cereal containers along with chalk markers from Dollar Tree.

  • Seasonal gifts and treats – I stocked up on Valentine’s Day candy, treat bags, cards, and individually wrapped treats for classroom exchange or lunch boxes. The only trick with this is that you have to shop early. If you see it and need it, grab it then. There’s no guarantee you’ll see that item again.

Did I list any of your favorite Dollar Tree purchases? What else do you find to be a a better deal at Dollar Tree?

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6 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul and Review

  1. I hope the birthday boy or girl had a great birthday celebration! 🙂 I’m sure you made it wonderful. Great haul! So fun to find all the treats, goodies, holiday and party supplies! I recently did a Valentine haul there and found a lot of cute things. I was excited to find old-fashioned paper hearts!


  2. Great finds! I hit the Dollar Tree jackpot recently. I found wrapping paper for the boy’s parties, some fairy garden supplies and Valentine bingo. I was hoping they’d have St Patrick’s Day napkins and party stuff out, but mine didn’t have it out yet.


    1. I haven’t seen much St. Patty’s Day out in my stores yet either. I did see on a Dollar Tree haul that someone found a really cute horseshoe and rainbow garland – it looked like something you would pick up. Hopefully you can find it! 🙂


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