Meal Train Ideas for Families: Kid Friendly Recipes

During the first few weeks after our kiddos joined our family, we were blessed to have people bring us supper multiple times. In a time of major transition it was so helpful to have one less thing on my to-do list. We were able to eat a meal together in our home, but without any prep or clean up!

Every meal we received was so delicious – I definitely recommend taking one of these to someone you know who is in need of some love!

Turkey and Cheese Sliders/Shells and Cheese/Funfetti Cupcakes

Baked Spaghetti/Garlic Bread/Brownies

Chicken and Rice with Mixed Veggies/Fresh Bread/Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Chili/Bread Bowls from Panera (such a fun idea!)/Chili Toppings: Cheese, Sour Cream/Grapes/Salted Peanut Butter and M&M Cookies

Taco Night: Taco Meat, Flour Tortillas, Shredded Lettuce, Sour Cream, Salsa, Tortilla Chips/Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches/Slaw/Tossed Salad/Corn/Mac and Cheese/BBQ Chips/Brownies

Honey-Lime Chicken Enchiladas – my mom dropped off a pan of these on their way through town. It was so nice to just pop them in the oven that night. I cut up some fruit and set out chips and salsa and supper was ready!

Everyone brought the meals in disposable containers, which was so thoughtful. I had almost no clean up from the meal and didn’t have to worry about getting dishes back to anyone.

More Meal Train Ideas:

Do you know someone who could benefit from a meal? It could be someone who is going through a difficult trial (even if it’s not a sickness), a friend who cares for a terminally ill family member, or a coworker who has been a blessing to you during a busy season at work.

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Proverbs 3:27


8 thoughts on “Meal Train Ideas for Families: Kid Friendly Recipes

  1. Such wonderful, kid-friendly ideas!! It seems we are often bringing a meal to someone in need, and these ideas will be helpful for me.

    It’s also wonderful that you have such supportive friends and family. You are blessed. (But you already knew that.)


  2. Whitney, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve received so many meals! I never truly understood what a huge help that was until I was the recipient of meals with our first baby. Life is crazy during those transitions and a hot meal delivered is one less thing to think about! ❤️


  3. Everything looks so delicious! How thoughtful of your family and friends to drop off meals for your family. Has there been a favorite type of meal that everybody loved? One of my favorite drop-off meals is chicken enchiladas. A friend made them for my family years ago during a difficult time, and it was so comforting. I love making them for others now, too!


  4. What a delicious assortment of meals from thoughtful friends and families. That is just wonderful. I haven’t been taking many meals lately, but I have been sharing cookies! Has it been tricky to navigate meal planning with new tastes and preferences t your house? I bet it will be fun to figure out new family favorite meals this year. I used to keep a running list of meals that my whole crew enjoyed so that I could count on dinner being liked by all. Breakfast for dinner and tacos are winners here!


    1. Sharing cookies is a HUGE blessing to those in your life, I’m sure! My sister has been bringing me cookie dough, frozen in little balls. It’s perfect for baking a dozen at a time for a nice treat (and for eating straight out of the freezer after a long day…ahem…)! 🙂


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