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3 Meals To Take To Friends (New Baby, Sickness, Just Moved)

I love the idea of “intentional kitchening” – where you use food from your kitchen to love and serve others who need a little extra love and care. We think of this most often when someone has a new baby or when the person who does the cooking is off their feet due to surgery or sickness.

Here are a few other situations where a meal from your kitchen might love and serve your friends:

  • On moving day – breakfast for the first morning in their new home, when everything is still boxed up
  • When someone starts a new job/school routine and is trying to get in the swing of a busy schedule
  • When someone is going through a difficult trial (even if it’s not a sickness). Having one less thing to do that day would be a huge blessing.
  • A friend who cares for a terminally ill family member or elderly parents might appreciate a meal on any given day.
  • A coworker who has been a blessing to you during a busy season at work – return the favor by bringing them a meal they can take home and enjoy.

I like to share things that don’t have to be eaten right away, but can be heated as needed. These are three meals I’ve shared recently with friends – they are crowd pleasers and reheat nicely!

Cheesy Chicken Noodle Casserole: I like this because it’s a one pot meal. You could leave out the broccoli or sub frozen peas to suit your preferences. Add a bagged salad or some fruit and you’re good to go!

Taco Casserole: I like to take this with a bag of tortilla chips, a jar of salsa and a container of sour cream. This one reheats really well and can even be stored in the freezer. You could keep this on hand and just pull a pan out when someone needs a meal!

Breakfast Burritos: I think that breakfast is always a nice thing to share with people! Here’s how to make these:

Cook a pound of breakfast sausage, scramble in a dozen eggs and add a little season salt. Fill flour tortillas with the mixture and some cheddar cheese. Wrap each burrito in wax paper. These can be frozen in a large freezer bag and used as needed. Heat each burrito in the microwave 30 seconds or if frozen, 1 minute.

I usually take these with a jar of salsa, a batch of muffins and seasonal fruit.

I always try to add in some pretty paper products (so they don’t have to do dishes) and I always use disposable containers (so they don’t have to get anything back to me). All of these things can be purchased at Dollar Tree. I just keep a stash on hand and use it as I need it!

Do you know someone who could benefit from a meal? Try one of these recipes and show them some love!

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7 thoughts on “3 Meals To Take To Friends (New Baby, Sickness, Just Moved)

  1. Such great ideas! I’m saving these. As many recipes as I have, I always draw a blank when I need to take a meal. I’ll be ready next time:)


  2. Yum! These meals all sound delicious. That chicken noodle casserole would be a crowd pleaser with my kids. I try to double a recipe when I have to take food to someone. That way my family gets a meal and I get a meal to share. I’m sharing our taco tuesday meal tomorrow with a friend.


  3. These are all great suggestions and tips!! I know you’ve blessed many people with your thoughtfulness!! ❤️ Also, I haven’t made those breakfast burritos in a long time! 🤔 I’m going to have to remedy that!! Thanks for the reminder!! I’ll have to find someone that would also enjoy them!


    1. Thank you for the delish “doable” ideas. I usually buy stuff/get takeout if I take a meal because my cooking skills leave much to be desired (and I’ve had some epic fails in taking homemade stuff!). Thanks for the suggestions & encouragement!

      Liked by 1 person

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