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How I Make My Manicure Last All Week

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I love having my nails painted! To me, it’s the perfect finishing touch to a pulled-together look. I don’t have the time or the money for salon manicures but I’ve gotten the hang of doing my nails at home.

It takes around 30 minutes to paint my nails each week, and I like to make it last as long as possible. I can usually make my manicure last an entire week – and you can, too! Here are three things that make a huge difference in the life of your manicure.

#1 Prep your nails before painting them.

My nails split really bad, so I make sure to trim, file and buff them before I apply the base coat. Using a buffer block gives me a smooth surface and blends any chipped edges so they are ready for the base coat.

#2 Use a good, fresh base and top coat.

I love the Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat. It’s less than $6 at Target and works so well! I always apply a base coat and a top coat without leaving much time between applications. It’s really important to put a thin layer of top coat around the edge of your nail in order to protect it.

Make sure your polish isn’t old. As soon as I notice that it’s leaving little air bubbles on my nails or that it’s slightly thick coming out of the bottle, I get rid of it. Old polish doesn’t go on smoothly and takes forever to dry.

#3 Protect your nails!

This is obvious, but you still have to be careful if you want your polish to last all week. Dish washing gloves (I get mine at TJ Maxx) are a must! I wear them when I load the dishwasher, wash dishes or clean the bathroom (if I’m using a sponge). Use scissors – not your nails – to open things.

If I see a nail is about to chip or split, I apply a thin line of my top coat over that nail and let it dry.

My nail polish doesn’t always look perfect by the 6th or 7th day, but by following these three guidelines it still looks really good. I rarely have to patch up chips, but if I do I’m always able to make it last until I have a chance to start all over with a new color.

Do you paint your nails often? I would love to hear your tips for making polish last all week!



4 thoughts on “How I Make My Manicure Last All Week

  1. Try ColorStreet nail strips. They last until I change them. I only change them because my nails grow too much with them. They have strengthened my nails and are super easy.

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