Welcome A Neighbor Or Guest With A Hospitality Basket!

In case you didn’t know, I have a day job where I serve as the accounting assistant. However…I also serve as an unofficial member of the party planning committee! There are plenty of times in the work place where the skills of homemaking transfer well to a certain task or event. I’ve found that to be especially true in the small businesses and non-profits where I’ve worked the last ten years here in the South. We have lots of parties, meals and reasons for food. πŸ™‚

Recently I had the chance to put together hospitality baskets for some VIP’s at work, and it was so much fun to be creative with them! I spent just over $20 on each basket using items from Aldi and Dollar Tree. Here’s what they looked like all wrapped up:

Watch my video below to see what I put in each basket. These would be great for several types of situations:

  • Welcome a new neighbor who’s just moved in
  • Send with someone who is moving away
  • Give to a college student living on campus
  • Give to an evangelist, missionary or gospel singer visiting your church
  • Welcome guests attending your wedding or event from out of town – especially if they are staying in a hotel

While we’re talking about hospitality, let me tell you about a book I’m reading. It’s called Just Open the Door and was written by Jen Schmidt of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam. This book is so helpful and practical, but it’s also challenging my thinking about hospitality in general. I’m a Southern girl who will always love “entertaining,” but I’m re-evaluating my perspective in light of the way she defines hospitality.

I love this quote, “The heart of hospitality [is] to point others to Him, to love on one another while affirming His goodness.”Β I’m realizing that hospitality is not so much about me as the hostess as it is about pointing my guests to Jesus!

You can order Just Open The Door on AmazonΒ (aff link), but it’s available anywhere. I think right now Lifeway has the best price, so shop around for the best deal.

Have a lovely weekend!



8 thoughts on “Welcome A Neighbor Or Guest With A Hospitality Basket!

  1. Beautiful baskets! πŸ™‚ The recipients will enjoy them very much. Hospitality is such a blessing! And it’s so fun that you can do this in conjunction with your job! Your super shopping skills are great for this!!


  2. These are so nice! Your radio station will be their favorite place to come! I’m sure the artists really appreciated that! Was this your idea or did the radio station ask you to do this?


    1. Thank you ma’am! πŸ™‚ This was my idea – I thought especially since the groups were coming for our anniversary event, for two nights, that they were really like our guests and needed to be treated that way. Even if you don’t normally pay guests thousands of dollars before they leave. LOL.


  3. I love this idea Whitney. I am going to visit family this weekend and I wanted to take a small gift for my great nieces. I found those cute sequin bins at Dollar Tree, added a box of Skittles and I think I will be known as the wonderful great aunt! I am still looking for those little macaron boxes I have seen on so many Dollar Tree Hauls on You Tube. I want to squirrel some of those away for gifts as well.


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