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Aldi Grocery Haul | One Week of Groceries

When I need to really stick to a small grocery budget, Aldi is the place I shop. I know that I can rely on their low prices to fill my cart with fresh produce, dairy and anything else I need for the week without spending much at all.

Here’s a recent grocery trip where I did just that! I picked up everything I needed for a week of meals – of course also relying on a full pantry and freezer to fill in any holes in the menu. My total came to $50 for two adults – right on track!

There are things in this haul that I prefer to purchase at my local grocery store instead of at Aldi (cheese and meat being the biggest ones). Most of the time I can get better deals on those things outside of Aldi, but that was not the case this particular week. It’s nice to be able to fall back on Aldi’s low prices when I need them!

Here are a few more posts I’ve written about Aldi over the years!

If you have to stick with a low grocery budget at the end of the month – or every week – take heart! You’re not alone. There are lots of us pinching our pennies, cutting our coupons and settling for Aldi cheese! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Aldi Grocery Haul | One Week of Groceries

  1. I need to stop in Aldi sometime when I get to Omaha. I’ve wanted to check it out but always am so busy. I appear to be missing out! 🙂


      1. A cooler is a great idea! Aldi’s only about 40 minutes from my house, so things shouldn’t spoil in that amount of time.


  2. I didn’t realize there could be price differences like that between the sliced/shredded cheeses. I’ll have to pay more attention at my store. I was just telling a friend I wanted to try more of the meat options at Aldi and you’re the second person this week that has mentioned those Aldi waffles to me. I’ve got to try them. I picked up the Aldi organic fruit popsicles this week and they’re a hit at my house. I love finding new things to love at Aldi.


    1. You’re right – those kinds of cheeses are great to pick up at Aldi. I should have clarified, I meant their shredded cheese. It doesn’t melt evenly and is usually more expensive than the grocery store.


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