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Shopping at ALDI – Two Week Haul and Menu Plan

How to plan and shop for two weeks of meals at Aldi via

It is time for another two-week grocery haul and menu plan! This time I decided to do most of my shopping at Aldi. Sometimes I can get amazing deals at the grocery store with sales and coupons, but I just didn’t have the time or energy to put all that together for two weeks at once! Aldi was a great choice and I am really excited about what I was able to find! You will see in my grocery haul below that I made a quick trip at my regular grocery store for chicken, bacon and ground turkey.

I’m using the slow cooker several times during the next two weeks – I love coming home from a long day and having supper all ready for me! However…last week I put a beautiful beef roast in the slow cooker and headed to work. All day long I dreamed of the delicious BBQ beef sandwiches we would be enjoying for supper. I got home around 6:30 and was HORRIFIED to find that the power had blipped off and back on around 10 AM. My beautiful beef roast was disgustingly room temperature and perfectly raw. I nearly cried. Has that ever happened to you? I am wondering if I should plug my slow cooker into a surge protector next time?!

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26 thoughts on “Shopping at ALDI – Two Week Haul and Menu Plan

  1. I went to Aldis the other day and picked up some great produce and milk at a wonderful price. I may stop by there every now and then to get the bargains. And I have to say again how pretty your dessert looked on Instagram. I love old glass ware and it makes me happy to see a young lady who likes it too!!


    1. Aww, thanks friend! I love those dishes too! It’s a good idea to find out what day they get a new truck of produce and shop that morning. Sometimes it’s feast or famine with produce at Aldi, and knowing the truck day makes a difference.


  2. Oh NO!!! I totally would have cried. That did happen to me once, but I caught it an hour later. So sorry :(.


  3. Hi Whitney –

    My name is Jennifer…and I tried contacting you my email (here on your blog). I was just wondering if you received the email? I had someone, yesterday, say they did not receive (a work) email….so I thought I would check.

    Just curious –



  4. GAH!!! That crock pot story has me super bummed for you! That’s the point of a crock pot dinner – to have dinner ready when you come in. What a disappointment! I don’t know if a surge protector would work? Who knows. But loving your 2 week menu concept. I’m thinking of adapting something similar post-baby. Do a 2 week menu and then just do it over and over again for a few months until life settles down… same grocery store, same grocery list.


  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m on an incredibly tight budget this pay period and this is just what I needed.


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