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5 Things on Friday {4.22.16}


1// This time of year, the afternoon sun hits our bedroom just right for the cats’ afternoon naps. I find them soaking up the sun in all their glory and I can’t help snapping pictures. Can you blame me?

2// We caught the end of Wheel of Fortune (it is on before Jeopardy!) and I learned that Vanna White is a cat lady! I always knew I liked her, now I know why. A Google search told me that she currently has two cats – one was rescued from the shelter and the other she couldn’t resist after seeing it in a pet store. Both great reasons for adopting cats. Vanna White, I’m a fan.

3// My favorite soft drink can usually only be purchased in Kentucky (and a few random stores elsewhere in the country). We finished up our stash weeks ago, so I was thrilled that our local Cracker Barrel restaurants are selling it in their stores! I think it’s a limited time thing, and they are way more expensive this way…but it’s still nice to be able to get an Ale 8 if I really want one.

4// We’ve had a major pollen epidemic this spring – it’s been worse than I ever remember it. For the first time in over a month, I am finally able to breathe. I haven’t had problems with allergies in quite a few years and I’m glad to be done with it.

5//  I am loving all the Royal family pictures they’ve released for Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday (like this one). However, my favorite thing to come out of all the birthday media is this story about Queen E. and Prince Phillip’s 68-year love story. According to the article, it’s the longest royal marriage in history. I love it!

Here’s my question for you: Do you enjoy following the British Royals? Who is your favorite? Kate? Prince William? Prince George?

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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23 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {4.22.16}

  1. I am glad you allergies are clearing up. It has been so dry here and Miss. E is really struggling with her allergies. It rained tonight, so I hope that helps. I love how cats sunbathe! They are so cute when they find that puddle of sun. I am also a Royal watcher. The Queen its Canada’s Queen, as well ( a figurehead, but still our Queen). I think she is an incredible lady! My Grandmother and I Love the Royals. I even took a vacation day at work so I could stay up and watch the Royal wedding! I love all of the Royal family, but Queen Elizabeth and Kate are my favourites. They are such poised, classy women.


  2. SO many fun things in this post… I love Wheel of Fortune and now love Vanna even more knowing she’s a cat lady. I adore the royal family and really enjoy keeping up with them. Kate is my favorite for obvious reasons – fashion, poise, motherhood and her hair 🙂 I thought the birthday pictures were darling and George already knows how to strike a pose. I have dreams of Olive and George having a royal playdate while Kate and I get to know each other haha 🙂 Sorry to hear your allergies have been acting up. We’ve been pretty hermity lately so I’ve avoided my usual Spring allergies. Hope you have a great weekend


    1. Oh yes I agree about Vanna White – the best people are cat people! 🙂 A playdate with Kate and George sounds perfect – I can just see you serving some delicious homemade cookies and tea to the Dutchess!


  3. It’s taking a lot of willpower not to audibly squeal over your cat right now, haha! SO adorable. I don’t have a cat, but a lot of people in our neighborhood let their cats out (it seems), so at least I can get my cat fix that way! And my allergies have been awful this week too, ugh. Hope you have a great weekend–and get some allergy relief! 🙂


  4. Wheel of Fortune just got so much better for you! 😉 Love it! So happy to hear you’re breathing well again! I’m still dealing with it here, and looking forward to relief soon too! Woohoo for your finding your favorite soft drink nearby! It’s the little things! 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friend!!
    xo – Brenda //


  5. I’ve never been a follower of the royal family. But I did get to see their palace when I visited London several years ago which was pretty cool! We don’t hardly ever eat at Cracker Barrel, but sometimes we like to get a bottle of soda and candy at their store for a little date! Glad your allergies are doing better. Being stuffed up is the worst!


  6. Weren’t those pics of Queen Elizabeth adorable?? Loved the one with the great-grandkids. So sweet! But the marriage between the Queen and Prince Philip is quite the story – such a support for one another. What a fun week to be a royal fan! And glad to hear your allergies are going away, or at least aren’t as intense. Yuck! Being all stuffed up is NO fun!


  7. I loved the picture of Queen Elizabeth and her two grands and the great grands. The little girl holding the purse was so funny. And I think Charlotte looks a lot like her great granny. I admire Queen Elizabeth as well…the world seems a better place with her at the helm of Great Britain.


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