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Organizing A Small Closet

I’ve never been good at keeping my bedroom closet neat and tidy. I love our home, but the bedrooms and closets are pretty small – so much that everything I wear has to be stored in my closet. Paul uses the dresser in our room, I got the closet! I had to get creative and make a space for everything so that it’s easy to keep things in order.

For this week’s edition of My Organized Home Series on YouTube, I filmed a tour of everything in my closet and decided to share the tour here on the blog as well!Ā I’m still tempted to pile my clothes on the floor of the closet, but as you’ll see in the video – there’s not a lot of floor space! It only takes a few days of laziness before I am required to put everything in its place!

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15 thoughts on “Bedroom Closet Tour | My Organized Home Series

  1. Of course you have some Kentucky tees:) Also, spotted a makeup bag from when Target used to send the beauty bags out for free. You mentioned those plastic drawers before, so I actually bought 1 and put it in my closet. It holds my socks, some of my scarves, and my bathing suits.



  2. My side of the closet is organized by like things, too! And since I do John’s, his side is, too. šŸ˜‰
    In the bottom we each have a set of drawers like yours, but with 2 big, deep drawers. Mine just stores random things, because it’s hard to access, but John gets in his daily. And then in the middle, we have our 3 dirty laundry baskets, that way things are sorted as they go in an when one gets full, I can go ahead and throw it in the wash.
    And since I installed the shelving myself, I lowered the hanging bar just a bit and added a second row of shelving. The top shelf stores bags and hats and things that I don’t use very often, and the bottom one that the clothes hang on stores all of my pants, shorts & skirts. Adding that second row of shelving was one of the best ideas I ever had!


  3. For most of our marriage, Marvin and I shared a closet of that size Whitney. Now that we each have our own walk in closet, I wonder how we did that! For one thing, we did not have a lot of clothes! And we utilized our dresser for undies etc. I have a lot of those plastic hanging organizers as well. They are great. I got a tip from Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick about using drapery tie backs as holders in the closet. I have all my scarves hanging on one of them! It works great with a walk in closet. I also use that tip in the garage to hang up my 31 bags that I use to tote things or to take to Aldi’s now that I go there! I also hang my clothes with like things together, it is easier to put outfits together as you pointed out. I have tried all kinds of arrangements but that works best for me too. Love seeing your smiling face!!


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