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Five on Friday {1.8.21}

#1 Walmart has some really cute clothes right now! I'm loving this olive green popover style top - it's a very flattering style that works well on a petite frame. For $16 I thought it was a great deal. I've also worn the heck out of their $11 crewneck sweatshirt. I have it in two… Continue reading Five on Friday {1.8.21}

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Blue and White Decor | Summer Goodwill Challenge

I'm slowly adding to my collection of blue and white home decor - thanks in no small part to these Goodwill challenges! For the past year or so I've participated in seasonal Goodwill challenges where you have to find something secondhand for $5 or less, and then incorporate it into your home decor. This time… Continue reading Blue and White Decor | Summer Goodwill Challenge


Summer Coffee Station {$5 Goodwill Challenge}

Today's post features an area of my home that is SO hard to photograph or film! The lights in my kitchen are never conducive to photos, but my coffee station is tucked underneath a cabinet, making it even harder to capture. Nevertheless, I finished a new project I love so much that I fought the… Continue reading Summer Coffee Station {$5 Goodwill Challenge}


Friday Night Project: Kitchen Drawer Reorganization

Often on Friday night I find myself with a huge burst of domestic energy. That's one of the reasons I do my weekly planning sessions on Friday night - I know I have the whole weekend in front of me, fresh with possibilities and fun things to do around the house. Early last week I… Continue reading Friday Night Project: Kitchen Drawer Reorganization

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5 Pictures on Friday {Thanksgiving Recap 2016}

And just like that, Thanksgiving is over! I love scrolling social media after a holiday - I just love all the pictures of my friends with their families, around a table, having fun and enjoying the day. Here are MY favorite pictures from yesterday! #1: The Food.  #2: The Table - it came together just… Continue reading 5 Pictures on Friday {Thanksgiving Recap 2016}

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$10 at Target: Pre-K Christmas Gift Idea

It's always my goal to have my in-store Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. I like to shop TJ Maxx, Walmart and Target for Christmas gifts - but this year Target was my favorite. They have such a great selection of affordable yet "giftable" items in the dollar section! I love being able to purchase multiple… Continue reading $10 at Target: Pre-K Christmas Gift Idea