Summer Coffee Station {$5 Goodwill Challenge}

Today’s post features an area of my home that is SO hard to photograph or film! The lights in my kitchen are never conducive to photos, but my coffee station is tucked underneath a cabinet, making it even harder to capture. Nevertheless, I finished a new project I love so much that I fought the lighting to share it with you! 

I’ve been working on this coffee station since I picked up the black mug tree from Kirklands in my after-Christmas haul. Decorating doesn’t usually come easy for me. I moved things around, added, took away, rearranged some more until I finally had the look I wanted. The item that finished it off was a thrift store find – a sweet little pottery piece, hand made in Poland, that only cost me $3.25! Today I’m participating in a fun YouTube challenge that requires you to use something in your home decor that you purchased second hand for less than $5. 

Do you like to shop at thrift stores? I don’t care to shop the Goodwill stores in our area – they are really disorganized and dirty. My mom and sister find great things in their Goodwill stores, though! I found this piece in a thrift store that supports a local homeless shelter and children’s home. Shopping their neatly organized and clean store was a pleasure and I’m more than happy to support their cause! While I was there I found a set of 8 silver chargers for $4 – those came home with me too! 🙂

Do you shop for home goods at thrift stores? 


13 thoughts on “Summer Coffee Station {$5 Goodwill Challenge}

  1. Your corner turned out cute, and the lighting isn’t that bad. 🙂 My old house is pretty dark overall, so I hear you on finding bright spots to photograph in!


  2. I love finding home decor at Goodwill. I’ve found some great wreaths, bakeware and pretty bowls over the years. The Goodwill’s in my area aren’t great either. So I always try to go to the good ones when I’m out of town. Love this cozy spot in your home 🙂


  3. That blue pottery piece is a definite find! I love it…and the price. I am not a coffee drinker but your area like oks inviting. I do like thrift finds. It’s fun to browse for treasures. My issue is garage sales. I feel very awkward perusing someone else’s things in their territory. If I drive by and see something interesting I hesitate because if I don’t like it or the price is higher I feel uncomfortable to walk away. People pleaser problem!!!


    1. Yes! I am the same way with garage sales! Here in South Carolina there are yard sales year round, and I’m always afraid if I walk up it will just be someone’s junk they’re trying to get rid of. I never know how long is appropriate to look around without letting them know that you’d never want one piece of their junk. LOL.


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