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5 Things On Friday {June’s Highlights}

It’s time to recap this month’s highlights! Here’s a look back at my favorite things from June!

1// Visiting My Family In Tennessee

This is a repeat from last month, but I got to make another trip in June! I stayed at my sister’s house and enjoyed lots of baby snuggles, good food and a ton of laughs! On Saturday night Alli and I got some much needed sister time with a shopping and gelato outing. We all got to attend church together (last month the babies were sick on Sunday) and then devoured an amazing Sunday dinner at my parents’ house. It was a great weekend!

2// My Summer Coffee Station

I’m finally happy with how my coffee station is decorated! I’ve enjoyed this spot in my kitchen so much this month!

3// Cool Weather

Have you seen the video that’s going around on Facebook with the girl sticking her head in the freezer? It’s captioned, “other people love summer, this is me!” That is definitely how I handle summer – with my entire body in the coldest spot I can find! 🙂 I cannot believe what a pleasant month we’ve had here in South Carolina. It wasn’t unbearably hot more than a handful of days…and for that I am extremely grateful!

4// Trip To Kentucky

This technically happened in May, but I’m going to throw it in this month’s roundup anyway. 🙂 Paul and I got to spend Memorial Day weekend with my grandparents in Kentucky – it was such a great trip! We had a really nice visit with them, enjoyed our travel time in the car and even got to meet up with Tif from Bright on a Budget! You can see more pics from that weekend in this post.

5// Real Life – 

Let me stop for a second at the end of this roundup and share my heart with you. The things I mentioned above, the pretty pictures I post on Instagram or anything else that I share – those are all part of my “real life.” I make it a point to share the pretty parts of life, because that’s where I like to focus. However – please don’t think that my life is void of ugly parts. There were some days in June that were ugly, filled with heartache and tears. It is because of Jesus that I can enjoy the pretty days and that I can find hope in the ugly ones. We live all of our life before God – He is at work in every situation. Trusting that truth gives me hope on those ugly days!

Some of my favorite posts and videos from this month:

What was your favorite thing about June? If you’re in the middle of some ugly days, ask God to turn your spiritual prison into a supernatural position. He is there!


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12 thoughts on “5 Things On Friday {June’s Highlights}

  1. Amen for choosing to focus on all those happy moments from the month! And I’m right with you with summer heat. It has been gloriously cooler than normal this month, but I’m dreaming of a walk-in freezer when the temps heat up 🙂


  2. Thinking of you and hope that July is filled with blessings. Love that you got to spend so much time with your family this month. It’s been unseasonably cool in Indiana and we’ve had a great time enjoying being outside.


  3. That number 5 made my eyes water up. We all need to share those reminders friend. It’s so easy to just give off this vibe that we are immune when none of us are.


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