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June 2021 In Review

Summer is here! It's time to wrap up June, can you believe it? These are the highlights from the month - so keep in mind that they are just that, the highs. This month certainly had challenges, busy days, and plenty of things to keep us on our knees. More about that at the end… Continue reading June 2021 In Review

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June 2020 Review and Monthly Favorites

This post contains affiliate links – I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links ❤ I'm wrapping up June with my favorites from the month. I've got a bunch of things from a wide range of categories. Let's jump in! Memory Favorites: It's amazing how much fun you can pack… Continue reading June 2020 Review and Monthly Favorites

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5 Things on Friday {June 2018’s Highlights}

Happy Friday! It's time to wrap up June with a round of highlights. Here it is! What I Wore: During the summer months I live in dresses and light, comfortable clothing. Working in a cold office allows me to enjoy a few layers during the day! What I Watched: I started Parks and Recreation in… Continue reading 5 Things on Friday {June 2018’s Highlights}

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5 Things On Friday {June’s Highlights}

It's time to recap this month's highlights! Here's a look back at my favorite things from June! 1// Visiting My Family In Tennessee This is a repeat from last month, but I got to make another trip in June! I stayed at my sister's house and enjoyed lots of baby snuggles, good food and a… Continue reading 5 Things On Friday {June’s Highlights}