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5 On Friday: Summer Survival Tips!

Hi friends! I hope you had a great week and a fun July 4th! Summer is here and right now the name of my game is survival. Summer heat is in full swing and will be until at least the end of September, so I do everything I can to stay cool.

I know I don’t live in the hottest part of the world or even the hottest part of the South and if you’re sweltering with me…here are my best tips for surviving the summer heat! This is a little bit of a longer video (almost 10 minutes) so I’ll leave the basic details down below.

If you enjoy chatty videos, this one is for you! 🙂

Here they are (affiliate links used):

  1. L’Oreal Matte Lock Primer
  2. ELF Makeup Setting Spray
  3. Aldi’s Sundae Shoppe Frozen Fruit Bars in Pomegranate
  4. Comlife Rechargeable Desk/Clip Fan
  5. Comlife Mini Hand Held Fan

So tell me – how do you survive summer? Do you have a favorite frozen fruit bar I can buy once I run out of my current stash?

I’ll wrap up this post with something I wrote last July. It bears repeating!

Just as it’s true that summer doesn’t last forever, here’s another thought that encourages me: trials don’t last forever. If you’re going through a hard time that seems more unbearable than summer heat and 100% humidity, remember that it won’t last forever. Autumn is coming, with its cool breezes and crisp mornings.

Even if your trial feels very permanent, take heart in the hope of an eternity in heaven, free from heartache and trials. Life will be sweeter someday – Jesus said it, and I believe it!


9 thoughts on “5 On Friday: Summer Survival Tips!

  1. Those fruit bars look delicious! I haven’t had any in years, but I see lots of varieties in the stores. I’ve been eating my way through a box of Yasso cookies and cream frozen yogurt bars that I got on sale a few weeks ago. They’re usually over $5 a box (for 4), so I only get them on a big sale!! Staying cool will require a lot of cool drinks and the A/C this week! 🙂

    I’m intrigued by the primer you listed. I need to find a new brand of powder makeup (in a compact) and will also check out the primer while I’m at the store.

    Hope you stay cool in the heat, too!


      1. Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t get the primer yet but picked up the Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder at Target. I’ll see how it works on its own and then try combinations with other things. 🙂 I usually apply a liquid foundation here and there to cover blemishes/redness and then dust powder everywhere, then applying blush. If I use primer, it’s before everything else. What kind of powder do you use? I’ve been searching for a good one, so I’m all ears!


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