Enjoying The Journey

5 Pictures on Friday {Summer Capsule Wardrobe Edition}

Last month I told you that I decided to try creating a wardrobe that fits my lifestyle. I chose around 20 items that would create outfits to suit almost every part of my week: work, church, errands, days at home and nights out! It has worked really well for me - I've really enjoyed having a… Continue reading 5 Pictures on Friday {Summer Capsule Wardrobe Edition}


Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

Today I'm sharing my super simple method for making a creamy and delicious strawberry peach smoothie! I experimented with a wide variety of fruit, almond milk, coconut milk and fruit juice...and found that it really only takes a few good ingredients to get great results! This smoothie can even be made in a food processor… Continue reading Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

Friday Favorites

My Top 5 Summer Beauty Favorites

Over the summer I've discovered a few new products that I've really enjoyed. In the spirit of the Friday Five theme - here are the top five beauty products I've enjoyed using this summer! 1 // Softsoap Fresh & Glow Hydrating Shower Cream - One squirt into my loofah is plenty for a good lather, and… Continue reading My Top 5 Summer Beauty Favorites

Friday Favorites

5 Pictures on Friday {Mayberry Edition}

I got to spend the day in Mayberry! Well, almost. Last Saturday we drove down to Westminster, South Carolina for their annual Mayberry Comes to Westminster festival. Being a life-long Andy Griffith fan, I've attended the "big" one in Mt. Airy, North Carolina on two occasions and first visited the smaller Westminster version several years ago. These… Continue reading 5 Pictures on Friday {Mayberry Edition}