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5 On Friday {6.14.19}

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#1 I love that my grocery store sells little bundles of flowers for $4. Earlier this week I picked up these sunflowers for a co-worker’s birthday and really loved how they looked in my kitchen. I was tempted to keep them and just give her the card, but I resisted. 🙂

#2 Trying to get sandal-ready, I pulled this Avon intensive moisture foot cream out of my stash a couple weeks ago. It’s so good! I used a pumice block to get rid of dry skin and then followed the instructions to use the cream twice daily for a week. I was really impressed with the difference it made. For $6 it’s much cheaper (and in my opinion, much more pleasant) than a pedicure. I hate pedicures.

#3 I love my car, but the seat belt was ruining my clothes! I’ve never had seat belts pill my tops and my pants but this one has already ruined a dress this summer. Turning to the ultimate problem solver (Amazon), I found these seat belt covers for less than $10. They are amazing!

#4 Speaking of Amazon – we have never been Prime members. I’ve always just used a free trial here and there but never felt the need to pay for an annual membership. Am I the only one who doesn’t have Amazon Prime?

#5 Peaches! I live for peaches during the summer. Last year my Aldi stocked delicious Georgia peaches for around $2/pound all summer long, and this week they were back! What is your favorite summer fruit?

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21 thoughts on “5 On Friday {6.14.19}

  1. Watermelon season! Yay! I finally invested in Amazon Prime. It saves me time because I am not running all over town looking for a particular item. I have lots of family who live out of state. I am like you, I like to personally wrap my gifts to they are pretty to send. BUT I had to change my ways with USPO mailing rates being outrageous. Sometimes it cost me more to mail the gift than the gift cost itself. I just have Amazon mail the presents directly to the recipient. Not one person has mentioned not having a pretty wrapped gift.

    Enjoy your peaches, Sweet Lady.


    1. That’s such a good point! I probably care way more about the packaging than they do! I’m sending my 6 year old niece’s birthday gift via Amazon, so I’ll pick up a card to send in the mail as my “personal touch.”


  2. Fruit is so delicious this time of year!! I just love it all and so do my kids. We love Amazon Prime for the music, movies, kid shows and fast shipping. It also saves us big time on shipping bc I try to do the majority of my gift giving through Amazon (gift cards, kid gifts, niece/nephew gifts, holidays, etc.). That way I’m not buying and paying shipping to send family and friends gifts.


  3. Love ALL summer fruits!
    We went for the Amazon Prime a couple years ago at Christmas and I would never go back to being without it. You can livestream so much music (I’m talking about good, conservative Christian music, plus “oldies”) for free, we enjoy the movies, and most of all since I work full-time and don’t have time to shop I do most of it on Amazon and I can have it shipped wherever I choose for free!


    1. I haven’t experimented with the music, but I need to. We’re finding that we’ll have to move to digital media pretty soon as we have less and less ways to listen to or view our CD’s and DVDs!


  4. I agree with you about Prime. I am afraid I would abuse it if I had it….you know spend too much money since shipping is I love good Ga?SC peaches…they are the best!


  5. I love those sunflowers! So cheery! My seatbelt was not only ruining clothes, it was also uncomfortable at my neck. I made a cover for mine with a quilt fabric and Velcro. It makes it so comfortable now!


  6. Sunflowers are so beautiful! I’m sure they were much appreciated and enjoyed by your co-worker on her birthday! Very thoughtful of you! We used to always sign up for Amazon prime trials around Christmastime and I never thought I’d pay for a membership, but we went for it a couple years back and love it. Not only do we enjoy the speedy shipping, but we also take advantage of the other membership perks too like their prime video (similar to Netflix) and music streaming apps. However, if you’re doing just fine without it, you can put that $12.99 towards something else like coffee creamer, hot dogs, and cat treats and you’ll have just as happy of a household! 😉 Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, sweet friend! xoxo!


    1. Sigh. Yeah, I’m thinking I might need it for the music as well as the shipping. We’ve slowly had to upgrade our electronics/cars and now I have really no way to listen to my large CD collection. Digital music is finally getting me. Haha!


  7. Oh I have a hard time picking just one summer fruit… I love strawberries, pineapples, and peaches! I had a cross body pocket book that ruined several of my dresses because the strap was like a really rough seat belt; glad you found a solution! It’s easy to not use the pocketbook but I wouldn’t recommend that with a seat belt.


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