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Planning For A Successful Two-Week Aldi Grocery Haul

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was working on a new grocery shopping strategy. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s best for my sanity if I shop Aldi first thing in the morning, usually right after they open. The shelves are well stocked and store isn’t as busy.

This summer I’ve been trying out the two-week Aldi haul. On the off week I shop at my local grocery store, where I can supplement our milk & produce and also pick up things I don’t buy or can’t get at Aldi (ice cream, creamer, bacon and some other meats).

I like to be in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how I’m planning for my two-week hauls to help me be efficient with my time and to get everything I need in that one trip!

  1. Start with the running list from the fridge – we write down things we need or run out of during the week
  2. Add other things I know I want to buy, based on the meals I can make with what I have on hand
  3. Plan a basic two week menu (about 10 meals), adding needed groceries to that list
  4. Make my shopping list: I take a clean sheet of paper and write down the main sections of Aldi. Then I fill in the items from my running list, crossing them off as I add them.

Shopping with a list laid out in order of the store is SO helpful! I find that I am much more likely to get everything I need and in less time than if I wrote the list in random order.

I also try to be intentional about the way we eat the perishable items from a large haul. For example, last week I bought peaches and a watermelon. We ate the peaches the first week, and I waited to cut up the watermelon until the second week. The peaches wouldn’t have been good the second week but the watermelon was perfect!

I haven’t perfected the two-week haul just yet, but it gets smoother and more successful every time. If you aren’t a huge fan of the Aldi experience (like me), you might want to give my early morning bi-weekly strategy a try!


13 thoughts on “Planning For A Successful Two-Week Aldi Grocery Haul

  1. I STILL have not gone to Aldi! Ours is not very convenient to where we live and I just never think about it until I see someone share their haul. I’ve got to make an effort. Thankfully I restocked this weekend..the family was about to revolt! haha


  2. I’m going to have to write my list according to the sections of the store! That’s a helpful tip! I have made many circles around the store because of my random order! Thanks, Whitney!


  3. I love your strategy to shop early and shop quick at Aldi. I find that my Aldi is well stocked and not crowded in the mornings so I go then. I like to write my list in order of the store (and my husband thinks I’m nuts!) I don’t have time to be wandering all around the store with my kids to find what I need. I’ve got to be organized. I’m hoping to go and stock up on fruits, veggies, cheese and some snacky things for the kids this Summer on my next Aldi trip.


  4. This is ALL great! And I do the very same with planning my fresh produce. I also keep a couple of cans of peaches or pineapple on hand in case we run out of fresh fruit before my next haul. We’re finally getting an Auldi and I’m so excited. I’ve been in one before and it certainly wasn’t anything flashy, but it reminded me of how supermarkets looked when I was a little girl—no bells and whistles, very plain and straight forward— so Auldi is kind of a nostalgic feel for me. Plus, I’ll be glad to have the lower prices! 😁🙌🏻


  5. I do something similar but once a month as the closest Aldis to me is 45 minutes away. I have done this for a while and it works for us.


    1. We are fortunate to have Aldi stores all over the place now, but several years ago I was in that situation as well. Once a month hauls make a big difference in your overall grocery costs for sure!


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