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The ALDI Beginner’s Guide!

Love it or hate it, Aldi’s prices are SO good. Your first shopping trip at this unconventional grocery store can be a little overwhelming – grocery carts that require a quarter deposit, shelves full of only store brand products and cashiers that rush you through the line without bagging your items!

I hear from many of you when Aldi first arrives in your town, and I know you’re excited to try out this store that saves people so much money! My relationship with Aldi is definitely one of love/hate – I love the prices but hate the experience – yet I find myself there almost every week!

In this post I’ve rounded up all the best Aldi tips I’ve shared over the years. If you’re about to head into Aldi for the first time, this is a great place to get ready! If you’ve been shopping Aldi for a while, leave a comment and tell me your favorite thing to buy at Aldi!

Curious about what I actually buy each week? Check out my Aldi grocery hauls on YouTube! 



10 thoughts on “The ALDI Beginner’s Guide!

  1. Three cheers for Aldi!! I thank you for giving me the tips I needed to first start shopping there. You’re right – things work differently, but the prices are AMAZING. I’ve set a personal goal to start shopping there more for the rest of the year. I’m hoping to see my grocery spending drop as a result.


  2. Thanks so much for this timely post! 🙂 With Aldi opening up in my town this year, I appreciate the tips! So excited to finally experience the store first-hand after hearing all about it for years!


  3. My FIRST tip for anyone I talk to about Aldi’s…..ALWAYS bring a quarter! I actually went to Aldi’s yesterday and was amazed how much they have upped their game! The produce was fresh and I even bought the chicken breasts that are on sale this week. They were delicious and I usually avoid the meat dept. They just built the first one up north last year so I was glad to get reacquainted with Aldi’s.


    1. Yes Diana, you’re so right about the quarter! 🙂 Any time someone offers me their cart I always have a quarter ready to exchange with them. If someone says, “Oh no thanks, it’s just a quarter. You keep it…” I’m always befuddled. But that’s your ALDI QUARTER!! Don’t you keep it in a special spot so you always have one? LOL. I guess not everyone values the Aldi quarter like I do. 🙂


  4. What’s not to like? I grew up going to stores like this so I guess the things you mentioned weren’t shockers for me. The cashiers here in Pa don’t rush us and are friendly 😊


    1. I’m glad you love it! Our cashiers are so quick – and I appreciate that – but they start scanning the next person’s items before your receipt prints so you have to be ready to move! 😉


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