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Trip Recap: South Carolina to New Jersey and back!

Last Thursday we headed out early in the morning to begin our 12 hour drive from South Carolina to New Jersey. This was another edition of #RefereeWifeLife as Paul refereed a basketball tournament in Atlantic City!

Our first stop was the Virginia welcome center and I couldn’t resist getting our picture here!

We opted for the scenic route and were so glad we did! We enjoyed beautiful views all day long, including the mountains of Virginia (above) and the Potomac River (below).

New Jersey is much prettier than I realized! We drove through the most quaint little towns and across miles of beautiful farm land.

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful view from our hotel!

Paul’s tournament was in the Atlantic City Convention Center, on the family friendly side of the strip. It is very walkable, with really nice restaurants and shopping just outside the Sheraton where we stayed. We took advantage of the Applebees and Starbucks – and I found some great deals in the outlet mall!

The humidity was so much lower than in South Carolina! Yay for good hair days in the summer! 🙂

I took it slow one morning and enjoyed coffee and a movie while Paul worked hard across the street. 🙂

We ate at WingCraft twice – it was so good, even though we ordered neither beer nor wings! 🙂 The prices were very reasonable and we never had to wait for a table. They boast the #1 burger in South Jersey!

One night we walked out to the Boardwalk. It was just as crowded, smoky, hot and tacky as I thought it would be. Thanks for not disappointing me, Atlantic City! 🙂

(I will say we drove through Ocean City on the way home and it is lovely. If you’re looking for a place to vacation in New Jersey, that would be my first choice!)

We split the drive home into two days and it was just as beautiful! Below is the Chesapeake Bay and then beautiful farm land in Delaware.

After spending the night in Culpeper, Virginia (another beautiful place!) we stopped in Winston Salem, North Carolina to visit Paul’s grandpa. ❤

We literally inhaled this New York Style pizza from Pie Guy’s Pizza in Winston Salem! It was absolutely delicious!

And with that, our trip was over! We were both so glad to be home and out of the car. LOL. It was definitely fun to see so much of the small town side of the East Coast. America is so beautiful and I’m proud to call it home sweet home!


15 thoughts on “Trip Recap: South Carolina to New Jersey and back!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip – a great mix of scenic and urban! I love road trips, but it’s always nice to be back home. My Wyoming trip also was awesome because of the lack of humidity! It’s the little things. Haha! 🙂


  2. Referee wife life is treating you well, my friend! 😉 What a fun road trip you two enjoyed!! Such beautiful scenery and scrumptious eats – love it! So nice that you were able to visit Paul’s grandpa too! Sounds like a wonderful getaway! 🙂


  3. Is Culpeper’s weather more humid than South Carolina’s? What a treat to see the pictures of our home there, thanks for the opportunity to do so. Glad you took advantage of Paul’s time away for a goalong!!


  4. What a sweet road trip!! I always look forward to seeing new sights and trying new foods. Glad you got to go along with Paul on his work trip. I’m sure he appreciated the company and you both got to visit some new places.


  5. What a fun trip, Whitney! So happy that you could see more of our beautiful country. A change of scene (and a change in humidity!) is always nice.


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