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Aldi Favorites: Home Goods Edition

Every time I write a blog post about Aldi, I have to start by reminding you that I don’t shop at Aldi because I love the experience. It’s certainly not the most pleasant shopping experience, but that’s why I also visit my local high-end grocery store once a week. I stroll the aisles, picking up their BOGO deals and drinking in the Southern atmosphere.

Why do I shop at Aldi? Their prices are amazing! I always pick up certain items like produce and chicken sausage, but over the last year my Aldi stores have begun stocking some really great home goods! Here are few things I’ve noticed, purchased and enjoyed:

#1 Fresh Flowers

This $3.99 bouquet made two beautiful arrangements. The large arrangement made a lovely hostess gift, and the orange flowers were a perfect centerpiece for my dining area. I picked up a nice mum for $3 last week as well!

#2 Food Storage Containers

I picked up two different sizes of these freezer safe food storage containers, and I love them! My favorite feature is the label – you can write on the top in pencil. It doesn’t wash off but comes right off with an eraser! I use these for leftovers and it’s so nice to know exactly how long things have been in the fridge. I bought these in the spring – I think they were less than $1/container.

#3 Sink Dish Rack

After shopping for a dish rack for months without finding one under $9, I was so happy to find this one at Aldi. It’s perfect for someone who has a dishwasher and doesn’t usually wash large amounts of dishes at a time. In the picture above, I put some dessert plates in the rack to show you how it works.

#4 Kitchen Cabinet/Fridge Bins

I haven’t personally purchased these, but they look amazing! Aldi’s prices on these bins are competitive with TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Dollar General. I have plenty of these right now – that’s the only reason I didn’t buy more!

#5 Home Decor

I purchased the “Love Fall” sign from their fall collection last year (2016). They put most of their seasonal items on clearance and I ended up getting it for $.99!

#6 Three Wick Candles

At $4, you just can’t beat the price! These candles don’t burn as evenly as the Bath and Body Works candles, but they do have great “throw” and last for a long time.

Have you purchased any of these items? Are there any non-grocery favorites you’ve discovered that I didn’t mention? Take a few minutes to browse the home goods section the next time you’re at Aldi!


15 thoughts on “Aldi Favorites: Home Goods Edition

  1. Aldi is great! Good article I haven’t seen some of this stuff!

    One might not find everything they want there but there’s always something new every week, and it seems like it’s getting better all the time for healthy food!

    Favorite part besides good prices and different selection is super fast check out, and they never seem to make errors on receipts (like most of the other groceries seem to do just about every time.

    Just wrote a post yesterday about 10 favorite eat clean foods at a healthy budget.


  2. I’ve not been to Aldi (the nearest is an hour away), but I might have to get there sometime to browse! You found some goodies for sure! 🙂 I like that eraser trick for the freezer containers. Usually, I just scratch my marker marks off with my fingernail. Haha! Your fall flowers are pretty. Love the fun colors this time of year!


  3. So many fun options! I just looked at those clear trays on my last Aldi trip. I was so tempted to get them and now I’m wishing I did. I think they’d be great in a fridge or pantry and would be so easy to clean. I always love strolling down that home aisle to see what fun treasures Aldi has that week. It’s such a random assortment – rain boots, tailgate suppplies and organizers.


  4. Hey Whitney! I haven’t purchased any of the items you’ve mentioned, but I can promise you I’ll be on the hunt for the food storage containers. Those sound wonderful. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a nice set of 6 washcloths. They are large and thick. I didn’t know if they would work well when wet in the shower, but they are great! 🙂 I also purchased a body pillow. It is heavenly. ❤ Last week, I purchased a microfiber dust mitt. It is totally the bomb. Those are my most recent purchased that I can think of. I'm on my way in a few minutes with some Home Goods items on my shopping list. I love scouring that section. 🙂


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