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5 Things On Friday {September’s Highlights}

Hey! It’s time to wrap up September and send it on its’ way…hopefully taking the hot weather with it! Here are my highlights from the month!

#1 A Few Cool Evenings

September started off with some really pleasant weather! It was cool the first weekend, so we celebrated with an iPad movie night in the backyard on Saturday and a bonfire on Sunday!


#2 Family Fun In Tennessee

If it seems like I mention this every month, it’s because I do! My sister and I decided that while her boys are little we need to get together once a month if at all possible. This month we spent a little less than 24 hours at my parent’s house, but we packed in as much fun as possible. My mom made a delicious banana cake to celebrate my birthday, the guys played corn hole, and we all hung out on the patio for baby laughs and snuggles.

#3 Birthday Celebration with our SC Family

Paul’s mom invited us for a lovely dinner party the night of my birthday. She sets such pretty tables and we enjoyed our meal on their patio (there’s a theme with my family and patios!).

#4 Fall Decorating

I decorated at the beginning of the month – it takes me a while to settle into my seasonal decor! It’s been so HOT this month (91 yesterday) but at least it looks like fall from the comfort of the AC!

#5 Bathroom Demolition

This isn’t really a high, but it was such a part of the month that I have to mention it. We discovered some water damage in our bathrooms and right now our hall bathroom has a huge hole in the floor and the toilet is sitting in the tub. Ha! The master bathroom isn’t quite that bad – but it’s torn up as well. Thankfully we can now use the master bathroom, but last week was interesting when we couldn’t use either shower. Thank goodness for family in town! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully it will all be put back together soon.ย I’ve been taking pictures and video along the way, so there’s a vlog and bathroom remodel post in the works!

Happy Friday!ย 


Some of my favorite posts and videos from this month:


8 thoughts on “5 Things On Friday {September’s Highlights}

  1. That’s awesome you had some family time outdoors! It’s been blazing here, too, and that makes it tricky to have fun. Luckily, it’s cooled down the past week or so. Praying the plumbing all comes together for you guys! We had some of that stuff done the week before yours, and with only one bathroom, there were a lot of trips to the store! One night we had to go without the bathtub, too. You don’t realize how much the “little things” (aka. indoor plumbing) matter until they’re gone.


  2. Bless your heart on Bathroom reno that was not planned! But you will enjoy having some new floors! I enjoy reading blogs much better on my laptop as I was trying to read them on my phone at Grimmwood on Friday. Love all the pictures, especially the nice birthday dinner your MIL did for you!


    1. Thank you, yes it was a bit stressful until we got someone that we trusted to tell us what we actually needed done in there! Thankfully it is almost done now and the bathrooms are fully functional again.


  3. I love that goal to get together once a month! I feel like that’s doable if you live fairly close so I may have to adopt that goal ๐Ÿ™‚ My family has been doing a pretty good job of that lately. Your birthday patio dinners looked like so much fun. It’s nice to feel extra special on your special day. Good luck with the bathroom renos. I’m sure it’s a big undertaking, but I’m excited to hear more about it. We’ve never tackled bathroom projects, but would love to down the road.


    1. It’s amazing how the two smallest rooms can take over so much of your house when displaced! I’m glad it’s almost done now. So glad you’ve been able to see more of your family after living so far away all these years!


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